Here you'll find only the true Blue Lacy enthusiasts.We believe the Blue Lacy is a incredible breed and perfect the way it is and has been since the 1800's. This standard will never fluctuate at the whim of a handful of people. Join us in our efforts to get this breed recognized by the AKC's long standing professional registry."More"»


I want a Lacy from a larger line. Is it possible to get one? Simply put, there is no such thing.  Individual dogs that do end up larger should absolutely not be bred."More"»


A common misconception is that Blue Lacys are named for the color of their coat. The name isn’t for their color but for the blue gene they carry. "More"»



Blue Lacy


The American Blue Lacy Association...

We came together as a group to preserve and protect the legacy of the Blue Lacy working dog as its original founders began in the 1800s. To serve as a voice for well-bred working Blue Lacy dogs and to breed for historically correct dogs with dedication to research, healthy preservation and growth of the Blue Lacy breed. While as an Association we are in our infant stages, as a group we bring a lifetime of knowledge and years of experience to the Blue Lacy breed. We also bring honesty and education to entrust the longevity of the Blue Lacy dog.

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Association Mission....

The American Blue Lacy Association~ The official registry of Pure Blue Lacy dog owners who want to do more with their dogs. We are the supporters of the original Blue Lacy standard and are working hard to get them recognized by the American Kennel Club so we can compete. The American Blue Lacy Association has and breeds Blue Lacy dogs that look, work and truly represent the Blue Lacy as a breed. We adhere to the original smaller Blue Lacy size standard set by the Lacy brothers in the 1800's. We can provide access to breeders that know how to breed a true all American Blue Lacy working dog.

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Note: The Blue Lacy dog was bred in the Texas Hill Country during the 1800s to be the all around family dog while being the ultimate tracking and hunting dog. The Blue Lacy dog is medium in size, gritty, extremely intelligent, active and quick to understand. The Blue Lacys can hunt, herd, track and trail. If you have questions that haven't been answered, or information you think we should add to the site, please feel free to e-mail the webmaster with your suggestions.

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