The ABLA ~ American Blue Lacy Association is for those that want to do more with their dogs. We seek to improve the Blue Lacys with every mating and correct the wrongs done (by outcrossing) to this incredible breed through very selective line breeding. If you have a more complete pedigree please add the information in the Email when you Email your dogs pictures to: info@AmericanBlueLacyAssociation.com We no longer have an online submission form. Just scan your pedigree and add the pictures and Email them to us. Upon submission you will receive a PayPal link for $8.00 no matter how many dogs you submit. Please be sure to add your dog's name to the pictures you supply since many of you are registering more than one dog at the same time. The $8.00 covers costs and remainder goes into the ABLA account, not to line any person's pocket. At the ABLA we are all about the dogs and breeding better dogs.

When registering a litter you will be supplied with full registration/Pedigrees to hand to your new puppy owners.

The goal of the ABLA is to improve upon an incredible breed with each and every mating with the future goal of getting recognized by the AKC as a pure breed. To that end we encourage health testing on our dogs before we breed them to make sure they are free of genetic defects. All of the Preferred Breeders are required to do health testing. We have no problem registering dogs that have never been registered, but they do need to come with at least a 3 generation pedigree if you plan to breed or very close. The AKC prefers dogs to have 3 generations. Please do not send us pictures of a Beagle with a 5 generation pedigree/registration from another association. We will not register it. We require pictures because we want all of the dogs in our registry to look like Blue Lacys and to adhere to our breed standard which is the original breed standard. We put just as much stock in the pictures as we do the pedigree, probably more. We are producing sound, healthy puppies that are true to the breed standard in size, looks and temperament and we are working to keep it that way. If your goal is to breed to a higher standard and improve upon the breed then we invite you to join us.

If you are just looking to register a random mutt that you can't get registered anywhere else it isn't going to happen. We are only interested in the best of the best Blue Lacys to represent the breed. And we are only interested in breeders who are serious about producing healthy, incredible dogs. Puppy mills need not apply.



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