The official registry of the Blue Lacy ~ To preserve promote and foster in America the breeding, training, and distribution of reliable working Blue Lacys through education, ethical breeding and active ownership.

All members are working together on behalf of the Blue Lacy, to get them recognized so we can compete in what they excel in and are known for; tracking, agility, etc. Since we are all working towards the same goal none of us are in it to make money, therefore; time and services are donated to our cause. We know everyone wants to get these dogs recognized as soon as possible, so it's only $8.00 to register a dog. If it's a litter you are registering it is $8.00. You will receive a form for each pup with their registration number on it. It is up to the breeder to fill out and send/Email in either as each pup is placed or all at once when all the pups have been placed. Since our main goal is to get Blue Lacys recognized we ask that breeders take the responsibility of making sure every one of their pups are registered. Percentages show that if you send a pup to their new home unregistered odds are they will stay that way. Email if you have questions.

Litter Registration Form