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We now have a online database that will be accessible to members of the preferred breeders program. You will be able to check your pedigrees, make copies of your pedigrees featuring pictures of your dogs for puppy buyers, prediction of genotypes, breeding coefficient percentages, inheritance probability and more. You will be able to find other breeders in the registry and do trial mating's. This will be an incredible tool for the future of the Blue Lacy breed and to further every breeders goal to better the breed. Not only breeding to the standard to better the breed, but bringing new blood into each of our own breeding programs could never be easier with zero guess work on the outcome.

We also are members of the CHIC program in our efforts to maintain the best health records we can.

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How could we charge for helping to get the Blue Lacy recognized as a true all American breed? Membership to the Association is free.

All members are working together for the Blue Lacy, to get them recognized so we can compete in what they excel in and are known for; tracking, agility, etc. Since we are all working towards the same goal none of us are in it to make money, therefore; time and services are donated to our cause. We know everyone wants to get these dogs recognized as soon as possible, so it's only $8.00 to register a dog. If it's a litter you are registering it is $8.00. You provide us with the new owner's information for each pup and the pedigrees will be ready to go to those new owners. This covers running costs and is not padding any one persons pocket, but goes into the associations bank account for only association costs. As we get more members and begin to have clubs in various locations membership dues, trial entry fees and administration is left up to the discretion of the individual club administrators and it's members. You can download the forms below.

The official registry of the American Blue Lacy

We are NOT desperate to register dogs. We are not more lax with our registration process. We are the hardest registry to get into. If you have tried elsewhere and failed please do not even bother with us. We are more than just the cost of a puppy. There are reasons we have waiting lists and get more for our puppies. Please do not apply if you can't supply the bloodlines for your dog with a pedigree. We are not the registry of last resort. People who get puppies from us expect a lot more. We won't recommend breeders if we are not sure of the health of the puppies they are producing, so we are not just another forum to get rid of what you are producing for more money. We thoroughly research additions to our registry and if you are a breeder you will be expected to get your breeding dogs hips and eyes tested for genetic defects. Studs are recommended to anyone looking for a stud and used by everyone. We will not allow genetic defects to be bred into our gene pool.

If you have a shining example of the breed meaning:

Please study the breed standard! If you can supply the required pictures and your dog looks like a Blue Lacy. Has a fantastic temperament that is just fine with small children. Has a great working ability and tracking skills. Is within the breed standard of conformation and size. We are looking for the best of the best to join us and set the breed standard for the breed in looks, conformation, temperament and size when accepted into the AKC. We are seeking to be entered into the "Hound Group".

If you are striving to breed to a higher standard than the average Blue Lacy breeder. If you are willing to do health testing for genetic defects on your adults to make sure the puppies you are producing and entering into the registry are healthy and free of genetic problems. If you are willing to stand behind what you are producing by placing each and every puppy with a health guarantee, including a notice so the new owner won't over vaccinate this vaccine sensitive breed. If you will only place the best of your litters with a breeding contract and others not used for breeding under spay/neuter contracts.

To preserve promote and foster in America the breeding, training, and distribution of reliable working Blue Lacys through education, ethical breeding and active ownership. Yes, the AKC told us to get our numbers up before reapplying, but we would rather take a bit longer and have a registry filled with dogs as close to perfection as possible when we do get accepted. After all these dogs are going to be the shining examples of our breed to the world.

American Blue Lacy Dog Registrations


Take two seconds and register all your dogs online for one easy payment of $8.00: Online Blue Lacy Dog Registration

Don't want to do online? Here is an application you can print out and send in with your dogs pictures:

Printable Dog Registration Application

*You may also just send in copies of your pedigrees along with pictures to have your dogs registered. If you send in all your dogs and litter puppies information at the same time it is just $8. If you send in separately it is $8 each time.

ABLA Registrations~ 905 McLean Road, Fallon, NV 89406

If you'd like to start a Blue Lacy Club in your area please contact

All puppies are registered with either a full (to be bred) or limited (spay / neuter) registration depending on the contract signed. Register a Litter:

Litter Registration Online   or   Download To Mail In

A litter is eligible for registration if:

  • It is the result of a mating between an ABLA-registered Sire (male) and an ABLA-registered Dam (female).

In our efforts to make things easier and much more expedient, we have fully automated, secure online litter and new owner registrations. In a matter of minutes you will be able to have your new litter or puppy fully registered. Just fill out and click to send. You will receive a pay pal button for the registration fee. If you don't receive the Pay Pal request for payment of $8.00 we most likely didn't receive your application and please contact us. The official ABLA pedigree will soon follow in the snail mail.

Registration and Records

All members shall keep complete and accurate records of individual dogs, breeding's, litters, pedigrees, and puppy sales as required by the Association and abide by the rules and regulations.


The Blue Lacy Preferred Breeders Program

We Feature Live Coverage Of These Recommended Breeders New Litters *if breeders are equipped.

The American Blue Lacy Association offers an exceptional breeders program, combining practical guidelines with high breeding standards to insure the production of quality dogs. The Preferred Breeders Program is an optional program that will facilitate in establishing and maintaining a first class breeding program. We post live video of preferred breeders with litters on the ground, but they of course have to own a web camera. Usually the puppies you are viewing are already spoken for as they tend to have quite the long waiting lists. We are happy to provide you with other ABLA breeders that are expecting to have litters in the very near future. As our puppies are in very high demand we recommend you get on a few puppy waiting lists.

Members of the American Blue Lacy Preferred Breeds Program will have the benefit of references by the ABLA staff as inquires are made on available Blue Lacy puppy/litters.  The ABLA have many inquires which come in via phone, correspondence, emails, and other office contacts.  When customers contact the ABLA looking for responsible breeders in their area that follow the original breed standard, they will be provided with your name as an ABLA Preferred Breeder member.

Proper identification of your dogs is very important and this is an integral part of the Preferred Breeder Program.  As a Preferred Breeder, ABLA will preserve your bloodline and kennel names.  ABLA is fully aware of the importance of protecting your name and will insure that any other ABLA member does not use your bloodline name without your permission.  ABLA Preferred Breeders will receive preferred naming rights.  Preferred Breeders dog’s names cannot be changed without the expressed written consent/permission of that breeder when transferring the dog to a new owner.

You must read, understand and agree to the American Blue Lacy Associations Breeder Code of Ethics when you joined the ABLA.  You must also download and agree to the ABLA Preferred Breeders Program rules and regulations.  The ABLA recognizes the responsibility to preserve and protect the Blue Lacy as a purebred.  We further recognize that the quality and reputation of all American Blue Lacys rests in the hands of their breeders, owners and exhibitors/competitors.  As members of the ABLA we agree to adhere to and are guided by the ABLA code of ethics and the original American Blue Lacy Standard set by the Lacy brothers in the 1800’s. We are the breeders who are working to set to rights this incredible breed with strict breeding standards of only breeding the very best of the Blue Lacys for the betterment of the breed. The ABLA will only use and recognize representatives of the Blue Lacy breed that exhibit these qualities in our representations of the Blue Lacy breed.

The ABLA and its Preferred Breeders Program is working to rectify the damage done by careless breeders not breeding the very best of the Blue Lacy gene pool for the betterment of the breed and cross breeding with other breeds. The Preferred Breeders Program (PBP) is conscientious Blue Lacy breeders with the goal of seeing this incredible breed brought back to the original size and beauty, with the intelligence the breed was once noted for. If you are looking to compete with your Blue Lacy or just want to see the original breed standard adhered to, then the PBP is something you will definitely want to be a part of. Our ultimate goal; to get these Blue Lacys recognized by the AKC with the correct, original standard, breed separation from careless irresponsible breeders and to be allowed to compete in the same venues as other pure bred hounds. We are working with the AKC to be recognized as the “American Blue Lacy” setting us apart from the other mixed breedings that have resulted in the overly large Blue Lacys lacking the skills, intellect or the beautiful, perfectly proportioned look of the original Blue Lacy.

The Preferred Breeders Program is free, but requires board approval. It is a matter of ABLA recognizing those breeders that are already producing quality American Blue Lacys and always striving to better the breed. It is not hard to notice these breeders, they are in constant contact with us since they are always looking to better their bloodlines and working to the benefit of the Blue Lacy. We at the ABLA know it is a group effort working towards the betterment of the ABL and getting them recognized as a true all American breed. These are the breeders we are proud to recommend to potential puppy buyers for their exemplary breeding standards and their efforts on behalf of the breed. They always have time to help new breeders get started and have no problem answering questions. If they don't know the answer they will find it or direct you to someone who does. It is the ABLA's honor role of breeders. Members that are either breeding or plan to breed, need to download the application, agree to the breeders standards and Email it in.

Download The Preferred Breeders Program Application

Fill out and Email to:

*feel free to modify this copy of a standard spay/neuter or restricted puppy contract. Or ask other ABLA breeders for a copy of theirs.


The ABLA welcomes New Members

Requirements: Owners of Blue Lacys, or their duly authorized agents, who are of good moral character, are eligible for membership in the American Blue Lacy Association.

Application for Membership – Each individual seeking membership with the Association shall fill out an application. Application shall request applicant agree to the Bylaws as set forth by the Association. *Located to the right on this page.



Blue Lacys & Pres President I train and compete with my dogs in Obedience, Rally-O and Agility on top of what comes naturally like herding and tracking. I am also getting into the exciting new competition of K9 Nose Work. I am an active member of the Truckie Meadows Dog Training Club, K9 Nose Work, Bonanza Kennel Club, Reno Kennel Club and a founder of the Fallon Agility Sports Team. I also compete in some of these events with my French Bulldogs with the addition of the Conformation ring. My favorite thing to do is pack up the RV and spend the weekend at dog events with my friends and competing with my dogs. That first place ribbon really gives you that great sense of accomplishment and tells you all your hard work has paid off. Just frosting on top of having a fun filled weekend. *Stephanie ~ Visit Her Website

Blue Lacy Portrait Vice President My husband and I own Critter Sitters, a pet-sitting business, and will soon open The Mutts Hut, a doggy daycare.

I bred and raised field English Springer Spaniels for over 10 years. I have been breeding Blue Lacys for four years now. We train our Blue Lacys in Flyball, Search and Rescue, tracking wounded game and blood trailing. We have founded the Golden Triangle Search Dog team located in Southeast Texas.

I am the Vice President of the American Blue Lacy Association as well as a Preferred Breeder of the ABLA. We are members of the American Kennel Club, National Kennel Club, United Blood Trackers Association, National Search Dog Alliance and North American Flyball Association.*Donna ~ Visit Her Website

Dave's Lacy Assistant Vice President- I'm a deer & hog hunter in South Carolina. South Carolina has the longest whitetail hunting season of the 50 states, 4 1/2 months for most counties. I have 2 tri-colored Lacy's, a male and a female, Lucky & Lilly. Lilly is coming up on 4 years old. Both are fantastic trackers & watch dogs. I got Lilly when she was a pup, about 3 1/2 years ago. I got her for the sole purpose of tracking wounded deer, because I found 2 that I had shot previously ...about 6 weeks after they had died. This made me sick, that they died for nothing. I decided that I either had to quit hunting or find a dog that I could depend on to find them. Lilly is like a shark on a feeding frenzy, when it comes to blood. No lost deer, since she came on the job. I've had many dogs through the years, she's the best tracking dog I've ever had. She wants to please and if she understands what I want, I can consider it done. *Dave
blue lacy pictures Secretary - I have been a member of Search and Rescue for 25 years and have had dogs and horses that I used to do searches.  So I have been very involved in obedience training, in both dogs and horses.  I am a member of the Twin Cities Kennel Club,  The American Quarter Horse  Association,  and I am a Preferred Breeder of the American Blue Lacy.  This breed has changed my world, in that they do it all , hunt, track, herding, and are the greatest companions.  The best days I have are spent on horseback with my Blue Lacy's, hunting or helping us to move cattle.  There is nothing more joyful than watching these dogs do what comes so naturally.  They so want to please,  there is no other dog like a Blue Lacy. *Tricia ~ Visit Her Website




We only place litters of the Preferred Breeders Program here to be viewed. You are welcome to Email the ABLA for Licensed ABLA breeders with litters or planning litters in the near future. We recommend getting on a few lists as the demand for the ABLA's rare, pure bred pups is quite high. You can join us for free to the right. Join us in the forum to ask any questions you might have, get updates or just chat about Blue Lacys.

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