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BEWARE!! Blue Lacys Are A Vaccine Sensitive Breed ~

I am hearing more and more about Lacys with health problems such as auto immune deficiency, which is NOT a problem for our breed as a whole. Many if not all breeders do NOT know of the over vaccination issue.

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Types Of Socialization

I mention the two types of socialization in my puppy packet, but here is a whole article on it in more depth. With my first Lacy I socialized her too much and as a result it was a challenge competing in anything with l17her as she was always more interested in running over to meet everyone.

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Allergies A Man Made Problem

The large number of people suffering from allergies was unheard of before vaccines were introduced on a mass scale. But by the turn of the century, doctors had clearly identified them as a cause of allergy.

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Know The Health Benefits Of Cannabis

One of this planet’s oldest herbs can provide safe and effective medicine for a myriad of issues with few to no side effects. With restrictions lessening, more practitioners are turning to cannabis as a viable, natural treatment option.

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Should You Sterilize Your Puppy?

Most people in the US are familiar with just one type of sterilization for dogs: spaying or neutering. But these are actually desexing procedures that go well beyond simply sterilizing a dog so that he or she can no longer reproduce. Desexing removes hormone-producing organs (the ovaries or testicles) that researchers are now finding are actually quite important to overall health. Studies also indicate that the earlier a puppy is spayed or neutered, the greater the likelihood of health problems later in life. Here are examples of studies evidencing some of these potential issues.

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Olive Leaf Extract 20% -25% Oleuropein

Pharmaceutical company confirms…
“Olive Leaf Extract Killed Every Virus, Bacteria and Protozoa They Tested it Against!”

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Why Do Puppies Cost So Much?

Well-bred puppies are not “expensive.” They simply are what they are. Generally the cost of a well-bred puppy is between one and three thousand dollars, which is what you should expect to pay. For that, you should expect to receive a well-bred, well-raised, well-socialized puppy, and you should (I’m going to go ahead and say MUST) get the equivalent of the 12 years/12,000 miles warranty. You should expect that if this “phone” catches on fire – if the puppy ends up with a major, unforeseen problem – you are going to be taken care of. You should also expect a lifetime of support and help for all the things that come up in the normal daily life of the dog. Think of it as lifetime technical support. If you’ve got a limp or a training problem or something is worrying you, you should have a breeder helping you figure it out. If your potential breeder isn’t obvious about what support comes with the dog, ASK HER. The answer should be quick and complete. – See more at:

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Spay/Neuter And Joint Disease

There is one disclaimer however and it’s as follows: if the family decides to spay or neuter the puppy before 24 months of age, my warranty is null and void. The reason is that research shows I can’t guarantee the puppy’s joints won’t be affected by this seemingly simple medical procedure. Spay neuter and joint disease are now shown to be related and this surgery has the capability of permanently changing a healthy puppy joint into an unhealthy one.

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National Registry Cross Breeding To Black Mouthed Curs

If the black mask was supposed to be in the breed it would have been included in the original breed standard but the breed only calls for tri colored dogs, blues and reds. For SOME reason people have just decided to overlook this fact and are actually believing these cross breeders.

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Should I Vaccinate For Lyme Disease?

In dogs, Lyme disease is a minor infection not nearly worthy of the attention it has received. Still, it is important not to discount Lyme disease in dogs completely lest one overlook an easily eliminated cause of chronic joint disease, especially in dogs in the Northeastern U.S.

If the disease pathology can be triggered from antigen alone, that means that vaccines are capable of inducing disease and that vaccines will convey cumulative damage with each administration.

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Boosting Your Dog’s Immune System~

World-leading nutraceutical researcher, Jon Barron has compiled a complete and well thought out list of items you might want to add to your dog’s diet to boost his immune health.

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