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Homeopathic Cure For Tumors

This growth popped up and grew to this size in just a few days. It is on a young dog who isn’t even a year old yet. My research showed odds are it would just go away on its own, but I am not a patient person and didn’t want to wait for that. I avoid vets if at all possible, unless you know exactly what you want from them, they can often do more harm than good. A Holistic approach is always what I search for first and a vet is saved as a rarely needed last resort. After much research, two items kept popping up. Castor oil used topically and Tumeric used both topically and as a supplement, so I decided to mix the two into a paste and apply topically covered with gauze and wrapped.

After two days of leaving it wrapped with the mixture, it has completely gutted out and killed the growth, as you can see the majority of it is falling off.

image-12589 image-12591image-12590

I wrapped for one more day and as you can see it is almost gone.


I wrapped for just one more day and decided that was as good as it was going to get.


A week later almost all the hair has grown back and looks like there won’t even be any scarring.


And there you have it. How to remove a dog’s growth or tumor in just days Holistically and avoid a huge vet bill or putting your dog through surgery. If your dog is prone to these, you will want to keep him or her on a Tumeric supplement to avoid having growths return. It seems they are caused by the system releasing toxins through the skin. It can be caused by vaccinations and at this age is most likely the result of puppy shots and unlikely to return or be a problem in the future, especially with a good detox. I can’t say for older dogs, but I would assume the same to be true. Food grade Charcoal powder is a good detox for something like this. Just keep in mind to feed away from all other supplements, since it will absorb and nullify them.

A great way to get your dog’s daily dose of Tumeric is with Triple Joint Max.

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