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Raw Diet Guide

Because Blue Lacys just like Greyhounds can have such large litters, I start my
pregnant bitches on goat’s milk when they are seven or eight weeks along, up to a pint a day, and continue until I wean the puppies. A bitch fed goat’s milk during lactation will not suffer eclampsia or a calcium imbalance, will provide adequate milk even for the largest litter, and will not lose weight or condition herself. A goat breeder is a dog breeder’s best friend.

1/2 lb high fat beef
1/2 – 3/4 lb low fat beef + 1 fat
3/4 lb horsemeat
1/2 lb pork
3/4 lb lamb +2 fat
1/2 lb mutton
3/4 lb chicken +2 fat
FAT (if necessary)
1 tbsp corn oil
2 tbsp beef fat
3 tbsp chicken fat/skin
2 tbsp suet
2 tbsp lard
1 cup goat’s milk
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/4-1/3 cup hard cheese
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup yogurt
3/4 cup rice
1 1/2 cups cow’s milk (whole or homo)
3 tbsp calf milk replacer (powder)
1 cup pasta
3/4 cup hot cereal (oatmeal, red river, cream
of wheat)
1 cup cold cereals (Cheerios, Corn Flakes)
2 slices bread (rolls, biscuits)
3/4 cup potatoes
1/2 cup any vegetable
3/4 cup any fruit
1 cup 10 – 17% protein
3/4 cup 17 – 24% protein
1/2 cup 25% protein
Eggs 2 or 3 times per week (or as needed)
*Salmon Oil soft gel tabs daily for DHA, Omega3
Bones once a week

Make adjustments accordingly.

When considering dog food, it is wise to thoroughly research the ingredients you are putting into your dog’s body. You may choose to feed your dog homemade food, or you may choose to purchase premium quality natural dog foods, or you may do a combination of both. No matter your choice, your dog’s health is well worth the extra expense of better quality foods.

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