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Recalls and More Illness Due To Chicken Jerkey Treats

Two More Aflatoxin Pet Food Recalls
The FDA has released two more aflatoxin related pet food recalls (though both were dated two weeks ago).  Petrus Feed and Seed Store Dog Food and O’Neal’s Feeders Supply Arrow Brand Dog Food.

Even More FDA Reports of Illness due to Chicken Jerky Treats is reporting the FDA has received 353 reports of dog illness and or death related to Chicken Jerky Treats made in China.  Just last month, the FDA reported only 70 illnesses or deaths relating to the treats; a little more than a month later the total is up to 353.

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author, Buyer Beware
Co-Author Dinner PAWsible

What’s in Your Pet’s Food?
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    TriPom Chews:

    I just worked a craft show over Thanksgiving weekend. I had fliers about the recent 2011 FDA warning about Chinese chicken treats and was giving them out and educating anyone I could stop who answered “yes” to the question, “do you have a dog or cat?”

    A groomer I spoke with that weekend told me that she had a client whose dog just passed away from Chinese chicken. I can only imagine how devastated that family must be…

    If you’re looking for a REAL ‘American Made’ chicken treat, we started making our own Chicken Jerky when we ran across the FDA warning of 2008 about Chinese chicken treats making dogs sick or killing them. It turned into a cottage business and we now sell our TriPom Chews online and in 20 stores in the New England area. Our products are the only ‘Maine Made’, ‘American Made’, chicken jerky produced from whole, restaurant-quality chicken breasts containing NO Additives and NO Preservatives. We had to make them super wholesome as our 3 Pomeranians (our babies) taste test every batch for quality.

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