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Humane Society (HSUS) Under Scrutiny

The report, done by WSB-TV channel 2, focused on concerns that the HSUS may engage in fundraising tactics in which donors believe their contributions predominately go to help local animal shelters.

The report highlighted certain controversies surrounding the HSUS such as the public disclosure of only $7 million in expenditures for reuniting pets displaced during Hurricane Katrina with their owners, despite having raised $34 million to accomplish the task.   At that time, the Louisiana Attorney General’s office launched an investigation into the matter.

A Channel 2 reporter also attended a local HSUS meeting, where the discussions were reportedly focused on activism, not animal care. It was also stated in the report that the Georgia Director for HSUS admitted that she spends most of her time working on lobbying rather than working to coordinate the care of animals.

“We have long believed that many HSUS donors think they are helping local dog and cat shelters,” said Bud Pidgeon, president and CEO of the US Sportsmen’s Alliance. “We think this confusion actually diverts funds away from that purpose and actually funds campaigns to restrict hunting rights and common farming and livestock practices.”

2 Responses to “Humane Society (HSUS) Under Scrutiny”

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    It would seem that they are doing all they can by removing videos of the story from the internet. i keep posting it on my blog and it keeps disappearing. Strange, how that works. They don’t seem to want to answer the points, just attack whoever makes them.

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    HSUS is direct threat to US national food security  in their perverted determination to totally eradicate all  pet and US farm animals within the generation already born.   Any and all fed, state or local politicians that aid and abet HSUS in any way should be removed from office for facilitating the threat HSUS represents to America’s food supply.   Politicians are cheaply bought by HSUS campaign donations. HSUS slithers in during disasters, grabs privately owned pets, surgically guts out their gonads–then trucks or flies them many states distant distributing them among shelters so legal owners haven’t a prayer of finding their lost pets.  Shelters now both benefit and profit from natural disasters which leave HSUS  keeping shelters constantly supplied with dogs to sell.  For many years, we haven’t bred sufficient dogs in the US to meet public  demands.  Years ago shelters began and continue importing dogs to sell in order to stay in business.   Without HSUS as a supply pipeline grabbing pets separated from their owners by disasters, many shelters would have to close for lack of (no matter how illicitly obtained) “product” to sell.   Pass on the word to ERADICATE HSUS — and to 100% oppose letting HSUS continue eradicating our pets, our national food supply, and America’s  farm animals.   

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