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Rabies is the only vaccine that is mandated by law, yet lawmakers do not understand how vaccines work and that “more” (i.e. yearly) is not better and can actually be harmful to pets.  Anti dog legislation is rampant in this country, and the only way to stop it is for ALL pet owners to band together and contact legislators, both local and outside their area.  These laws spread like wildfire to other areas once passed, and none of us (i.e. our animals) is safe.  Please phone, fax or email your opposition to public officials.  Changing the law in Kansas (and then Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas etc) could stop similar laws from being implemented in your city/state.

Exempt Dogs and Cats When Rabies Vaccinations Will Harm Them

The rabies vaccine research project to address the duration of immunity actually conveyed by rabies vaccine will be performed by Dr. Ronald Schultz, Chairman of Pathobiology at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine.The second phase of the project will finance a study of the adjuvants used in veterinary vaccines, and establish a federal adverse reaction reporting system for rabies and other vaccines.

Safer Vaccinations for Companion Animals

We need your help! You can make a difference. Alone what can one person do? Together, a giant network of volunteers can accomplish anything! Us Help Our Pets.htm

Prevaccination Protection
Dr. Falconer DVM

I get this question more often than I used to: “If I’m not vaccinating my animal against parvo and distemper (or —-) do I need to avoid contact with other animals?” The norm has been for my patients to come to me already vaccinated, so the easy answer, based on duration of immunity, was no, the immunity should persist for “years if not the life of the animal.”  Now that people have thought more about the dangers of vaccination, it may be that some are choosing not to vaccinate until later in life (pups at 12-16 weeks old, for example), to be sure the minimum number of vaccines will give long-lived immunity. They may be using homeopathic nosodes before that, or may be opting to not vaccinate at all. What to do for these guys? Keep them in a bubble, away from all exposure to possible disease causing germs? No. That’s impractical, and, unless you have a strictly indoor cat, not much fun.

The goal is to have an immune system that can defend the animal against exposure to parvo, canine or feline distemper, kennel cough, FeLV, strangles, flu, Rhino, etc. If you opt to have the strongest immune system possible without the risks that vaccines confer, use the preventative program that keeps the immune system strong safely and efficaciously, and without risk to the animal. That, in my opinion, is daily dosing with the Animal Health supplements utilizing Transfer Factor products coupled with excellent nutrition, should be adequate protection to get your animal out in the real world, benefitting from natural exposure to viruses and bacteria that can make the immune system stronger.

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