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Calcium ~

Low blood calcium leads to ineffective contractions and nervousness, often resulting in puppy loss. Mom will pull calcium out of the bone to augment her need.

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Watch Out For The Poodle Bush ~

Like many species in the forget-me-not family, Poodle-dog bush causes severe irritation if touched, akin to poison oak or stinging nettle. It can raise blisters lasting as long as two weeks.

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The Blue Dilute Gene ~

To understand the blue dilute gene better in the coloring of a Blue Lacy.

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Dog Training Tips ~

Everyone in the family should have turns at training your dog especially the children since it also establishes pack order.

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Another Pigs Ear Recall

Bravo! is voluntarily recalling select boxes of Bravo! Pig Ears Chews because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

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Some Dogs Have Special Retinas. Does Yours?

Most dogs have special cells in their retinas called the tapetum lucidum that assist night vision. And some dogs don’t.

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Importance of Caring For Your Dogs Nails

When a dog’s nails become too long they interfere with the dog’s gait and… as the nails continue to grow, walking will become awkward and painful. Untrimmed nails can also split resulting in a great deal of pain, bleeding, and a trip to the veterinarian’s office.

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Animal Rights Agenda~

Today, while I was watching the Rose Parade, which included quite a few horses and even some dogs, it occurred to me that this might be a really good time to remind the public about where the animal rights movement is headed.

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2011 National Search and Rescue Conference

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Texas House Moves to Strip Rights of Sporting Dog Owners

House Bill 1451 classifies you as a commercial breeder if you maintain eleven female dogs that have not been spayed, and you sell dogs. Without even so much as a warrant. This bill gives inspectors the authority to search the premises where records are kept without probable cause or even a warrant. A suspected drug dealer does not have to worry about government enforcers storming his house without cause, but a dog breeder does? That is simply amazing!

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