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The Ten Commandments Of Dog Training And Ownership~!

Instead of coddling and soothing your dog at the first sign of distress, let’s learn to ignore minor stress and moments of uncertainty. Trust that your dog is a creature designed to overcome challenges, and that she is much more resilient than you give her credit for. Like kids, your dog will take cues from your level of reaction as a guide for how strongly they should feel and be concerned about situations.

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Top 10 Pet Myths~

Eating Grass = A Sick Pet or an Upset Stomach
A purring cat is a happy cat and a wagging tail means a happy dog
When pets lick their wounds, it speeds up healing
An itchy pet is always a sign of fleas
Changing foods is bad for your pet’s digestion

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Ovary Removal Instead Of Spaying

When some savvy veterinarians took a fresh look at performing spays, a surgery we’ve been doing the exact same way for decades, they came up with a revised technique that accomplishes all of the objectives of the spay surgery with fewer complications. How cool is that?

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Dogs For Autism

Getting a pet may help children with autism to develop their social skills, if the furry friend is brought into the home when the child is about 5 years old, according to a new French study.
Researchers found that children with autism who got a pet after age 5 showed improvement in their abilities to share with others and to offer comfort, whereas those who had a pet since they were born, and those who never had a pet, showed no such improvement.

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Nosodes Instead Of Vaccinations~

Nosodes for our children instead of Vaccinations, the same is true for our pets: Truly educating oneself about vaccination requires an open minded analysis of the gray areas – the very areas that pharmaceutical companies and most likely your own doctor don’t like to admit even exist.

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Why Dogs Have A Hard Time Digesting Grains~

I love the site A great site to find a good dogfood or see how yours measures up.

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Cancer Cures Could Work For Canines And Humans

Cancer is the single biggest cause of death in dogs over the age of 2.

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Sponge Feeding Puppy

Great way to prevent aspirating a puppy by bottle feeding or tube feeding:

Sponge Feeding Video

Treating A Swimmer Puppy

I’ve never had one and never heard of a Blue Lacy swimmer puppy, but there is always a first time.

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Boosting Your Dogs Immune System

If your dog is fighting cancer or other immune challenges, we’re certain you will find this list to be very useful.

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