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The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Why not give coconut oil a try and introduce it to your dog? It offers many benefits for your dog and is a more sustainable and less toxic source of oils than fish.

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Heartworm Alternative Medicine~

In his book “The Nature of Animal Healing”, Dr. Martin Goldstein states that he believes that much of the cancer and liver disease we see in dogs today is the result of years of treatment with heartworm preventatives.

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Side Effects of Heartworm Medication~

When health intersects money, there’s a lot of room for conflict of interest. Only by understanding the business aspects and the truth about heartworm transmission can you make an informed decision about if, how and when to protect your dog with commercial products.

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Dangers of Flea Medication~

Young animals are not big enough or strong enough to defend against the chemicals and may end up with brain damage, kidney damage and nerve damage if the product is not applied correctly.

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Thimerosal In Rabies Vaccines

There has been concern that mercury poisoning in young children is a direct cause of autism and this link has also been shown in animal research. These concerns are based on the similarities between the symptoms of mercury poisoning and autism.

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Dog Food Recall List ~

Manufacturers have recently issued voluntary recalls on several brands.

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Why feeding your dog “on time” is a bad idea~

Carnivores, like our dogs, are not meant to be fed on time. And they are not built to get the same food every time they eat. They are genetically programmed for variation – both in food composition and feeding time.

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Being Your Dog’s Leader is Key to Training

Dogs, in their natural state, are pack animals. We tend to think of them simply as autonomous pups and don’t often consider their immutable core nature as pack animals, however. This failure to take into account the true nature of dogs can make training more difficult. Likewise, understanding what it means to be a pack animal can unlock one of trainings greatest secrets.

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You May Lose Your Internet In July ~

This isn’t dog related, but I know I can’t live without my internet so thought I would spread the info. by posting here:

For computer users, a few mouse clicks could mean the difference between staying online and losing Internet connections this summer.

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Poison Warning For Pets And Children

What was different about this patient was the type of rat poison he consumed. This particular type contains bromethalin. It is sold locally under the “Tom Cat” brand name and is present in mouse, rat and mole/gopher formulas.

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