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How Outcrossing Destroys a Breeding Program ~

This is a HUGE fantastic article that explains everything you need to know about breeding by a world renown breeder. This is just a portion of it covering outcrossing which is the only type of breeding allowed at the TLGDA. That a registry can dictate to their members how they can breed still amazes me, but that they literally make it so people can’t improve upon the breed just boggles the mind. There is simply no other breeder who has come even close to what he has accomplished. This is just the part of his compilation of articles on the subject of out-crossing written for Dog World Magazine for which he won the Dog Writers’ Association Award.

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As I am sure you know by now, I am constantly doing research and reading up on the best things for my dogs, so the way I do things is constantly changing. Here is my latest advice where vaccinations are concerned. Of course you should do your own research and decide what is best for you, but I know many of you don’t have the hours to spend in front of your computer that I do. If you have just gotten a puppy from me you already know this, but if it has been a while or you don’t have one of my pups I am sure some of this will be new to you.

Dr. Ronald Schultz, one of two experts (Jean Dodd being the other), says to get strong titers test once and then presume lifetime immunity for parvo and distemper. Even if titers weaken over the years, most experts believe that the body has cellular memory.

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Vaccinating Small Dogs: Risks Vets Aren’t Revealing

At last, a smoking gun … discovered pointing directly at Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Maltese, Yorkies and other small dogs … in fact, pointed at all dogs receiving multiple vaccines during one clinic visit.

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Get A Dog, And Do It Now!

Science News ~ It might be the prescription of the future: Take two aspirin and get a pet immediately.

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Top Rules for Choosing Commercial Foods

4-D meats (from dead, dying, diseased and disabled) are a mainstay of the pet industry. And, of course, antibiotics, steroids and hormones pollute even our own food. Clearly the worst go into kibble where they can be well-cooked and the taste can be disguised with extruded fat. There is no upper limit for pesticide contamination levels for corn used in pet food.

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Recalls and More Illness Due To Chicken Jerkey Treats

Two More Aflatoxin Pet Food Recalls
Even More FDA Reports of Illness due to Chicken Jerky Treats

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Resuscitating the Newborn Puppy

It should be routinely used on ALL newborn puppies to expel any fluid present in the nasal cavities or windpipe and to resuscitate the non-breathing or gasping puppy.

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Controversy Over Menadione in Dog Food

Some call menadione in dog food a necessity. Yet others reject it as a dangerous toxin.
So, what exactly is menadione? And why is it being used to make certain dog foods… and not others?

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Another Perfect Example ~

Just another example of the harm vaccinations are doing to our dogs, let alone repeated ones. Perfect reason why we don’t give this vaccine and only follow the Jean Dodd vaccination protocol around here. All new puppy owners are provided with a copy of her vaccination schedule as well as a detailed explanation of why you do and don’t for each vaccination. A great thing to take in hand to your vet when you take your new puppy in for a checkup, after all it is very hard to argue with the foremost authority on vaccinations. I also added a clause to my health guarantee that nul and voids it if the puppy is over vaccinated. This way new owners have a bit more courage to just say “no” when their vet gets too insistent on vaccinating again. This vaccine not only sends adult dogs into kidney failure it often kills puppies.*

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Protest 72-hr.-Kill Proposal

There is a breed ban on ADOPTION of said dogs, and it is set to be discussed on Monday the 5th of December for all Pit bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, and Presa Canerios.

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