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Science Diet Gets FDA Warning Letter

*In my opinion Science Diet has always been one of the worst dog foods out there and yet you see it in every vets office because of the great kick backs they get for selling it. Very irritating. I am sure they will just change the wording a little to pacify the FDA, but still promote their false claims of a healthy dog food.*

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Does Your Dog Wolf Down Food?

A gobbler can be annoying since they are bugging you for more when your other dogs are just barely starting to eat.

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Pill Popping Pups?

The brain of the dog is very similar to that of humans in many ways. The limbic system, which controls the major emotions, including fear and anger, exists in both species and operates in a similar manner.

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The Perfect Dog/Puppy Bedding ~

If you are looking for the perfect bedding for crates….I simply love this stuff. It is called Vet Bedding.

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Dry Food As a Way to Clean Teeth is a Myth

Raw Bones on the other hand DO help clean and keep teethe healthy. Another favorite of mine is Green Tripe which not only acts as a form of dental floss; it has the added benefit of digestive enzymes.

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Puppy Teething Tip ~

For a cool toy that is perfect for teething puppies, soak a rope toy in water and freeze. The cold will relieve and sooth sore gums. To make it even more appetizing try soaking it in a low sodium broth. Make sure your cheerful

Separation Anxiety?

Here is a great new invention for those Blue Lacy owners who have dogs that suffer from separation anxiety.

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Fun Idea for Your Dog During Alone Time

Worried your dog is bored or lonely while you’re away at work?

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Celebrating Halloween With Your Dog~

First Halloween with your dog? Here are a few tips to prevent mishaps…

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Dog Food Labels Are Made To Be Misleading ~

As consumers we look at labels hoping to gain an idea of the contents of the pet food we are buying, but what if they are purposely misleading?

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