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Buffalo vs. Bison

Bet you didn’t know that Bison is the only meat considered hypoallergenic. Meaning people and dogs that don’t tolerate other forms of proteins well are able to eat it instead.

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Glucosamine for Dogs

Unlike us, pets have a very high pain threshold. Think about it. If we feel a headache coming on, we can attack that headache with medicine before it becomes a problem. When we have pain, we either tell someone or we do something about it. Pets on the other hand though, cannot do anything about their pain. Therefore, they learn to deal with it.

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Ensure Puppy Import Ban Has Teethe

A few years ago, the United States was becoming flooded with designer puppies purchased from foreign puppy mills. This effects the health of all of our dogs.

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Cruelty Alert: Dogs in Pickup Trucks

Personally I include this in my puppy contract. Tying one of my pups out in the yard or having them ride in the back of a truck unsecured is grounds for me to confiscate my puppy. They have to agree to do neither of these actions in a legal contract to even have a pup placed with them.

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Tips On Dams Milk

Sometimes our girls need a little help in this department whether it is too much milk or too little.

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Panosteitis in Dogs

I had an Email forwarded to me concerning this in a poodle so it isn’t limited to a breed. I thought I would post here as a heads up since I have never heard of it.

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Clarifying ABLA Dog Registrations ~

There seems to be some confusion on dog registrations. We are NOT desperate to register dogs. We are not more lax with our registration process. We are the hardest registry to get into. If you have tried elsewhere and failed please do not even bother with us. We are more than just the cost of a puppy. There are reasons we have waiting lists and get more for our puppies.

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Raise Awareness About Pet Stores That Support Puppy Mills ~

According to a newly released poll, nearly 80 percent of consumers would not purchase a puppy if they knew he or she came from a puppy mill. But the poll also revealed that 78 percent of consumers are unaware that most puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills.

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HSUS and Their Donation Requests

Don’t think for one minute that the H$U$ will spend its money on such rescues. They are a money-making illegal non-profit corporate-machine, and this kind of ad is intentionally emotional blackmail to keep the money flowing.

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10 Ways Owning A Pet Benefits Your Health

Find out how your four-legged friend can help boost your well-being. Pet owners know how much their furry friend improves their quality of life. But it’s not all about unconditional love — although that actually provides a wellness boost, too.

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