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A male or a female?

What is your answer? Here is what others had to say:

I tell people that females say “love me, love me” The boys say “I love you, I love you”
This is with Goldens.

I have found girls to be more independant and outgoing, and boys to be more needy & cuddly. As a pet i would take a boy over a girl any day:-) If the boys are to be neutered they will not mark & should be as easy to house train as the girls.
Chinese Cresteds & Yorkshire Terriers

When I have someone call, in the course of the conversation I always ask what they are looking for in a pup. To describe their ideal personality, in other words. I then tell them that a boy is an in your face pup that wants to be with you and love you. The girls are more like a cat, independent. That they still are loving, but on their terms, not yours. And I always throw in, that they do not call the girls bitches for nothing. I have had people that called for a girl, and I had one for them, to decide that they want a boy. Years ago, I was one of those who prefered the girls. I was getting a show dog from a breeder in Texas, I am in NH. She sent me pictures and pedigrees and happened to throw a couple in of boys. I had them all spread out going over them, when my daughter asked me if I had decided. I told her yes and then it popped out that I was getting a boy. I do not know who was more surprised, her of me. And my Joe started the ‘love affair’ I now have with my boys. I do love my girls, but there is nothing like a boy when you are down and need cheering up.

Perfectly put!! I tell people that girls are called bitch for a reason! In Pugs it is very true! The girls can be horrible, attention seeking, squabbling, marking, the list goes on…….I always start my conversations with ‘Why do you specifically want a girl?’ I sometimes get people trying to ‘pull the wool’……Oh No, I never want to breed, I couldn’t do that…..she would just be for a pet……… you’ve heard it! If they are genuine, you can easily sway them to a boy. I too would take a male over a female every time as a pet.

I think most people want girls because they don’t lift their legs and pee on things in the yard but I always think boys have the best sense of humour and I tell them the difference besides size is that when you ask a boy dog to do something for you he does it cause he loves you……ask the same of a girl dog and she does it cause she was told to…bitches aren’t called bitches for no reason.Many times purchasers will then take the boy and most times they are so appreciative and say they wouldn’t have anything but a boy now.

One of my best pets was my male, loyal, loving, protective and a great coat. Neutering costs less, is less intrusive and up till he gets fixed whenever he’s bad you can threaten him, “keep that up and your going to get neutered”.

I love my males. I had a male Ridgeback that I bred and he was the most loving and sensitive dog I have had. If he did something wrong I just looked at him and he was crushed. Males are great and I think more devoted.
French Bulldogs

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