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ABL Artificial Insemination

I had a very strange experience recently in the process of breeding a ABL. Since normally AI is not done with my ABLs, I had never even bothered with smears before. The desired stud was clear across the United States so it was my first experience with AI in regards to a Blue Lacy. I have vast experience with AI in general so this should have been a easy process. All of the smears taken showed 0 cornification. Normally you start taking smears and when they reach 50%-60% cornification you start doing progesterone testing. When she had been flagging for 3 days with 0 cornification I decided to do a progesterone test just to check and it came back at two. When the progesterone reaches 2 the LH peeks the next day and she is ready to be bred 2 days after that. Since I had never heard this in regards to a ABL I just thought I would make a note of it here. It’s very rare, but there are a few breeds that don’t ever cornify. So if doing AI in the future you might want to keep this in mind and just stick with progesterone and LH testing as smears appear to be a waste of time.

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