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The American Blue Lacy Dog Association’s mission:
a: Promote and encourage the sport of trailing and game hunting to the Blue Lacy – a wholesome outdoor sport with historical background over many hundreds of years, with many fine national and international traditions; a sport for young and old, and for all.
b: Educate Blue Lacy breeders on all aspects of breeding, raising and producing the most healthy Blue Lacys possible.
c: Focusing our breeding, training and placement of the American Blue Lacy for SAR, Tracking, Service Dogs and for homes with Autistic Children. We do not breed hog dogs and none of our dogs have the related behavior problems of hog dogs. Our dogs have fantastic temperaments and are perfect for homes with babies and small children.

Stephanie Schenk~ I train my dogs in Obedience, Rally-O and Agility on top of what comes naturally like K9 Nosework and Barn Hunt competitions. I am an active member of the Truckie Meadows Dog Training Club, Bonanza Kennel Club, Reno Kennel Club, President of the American Blue Lacy Association and a founder of the Fallon Agility Sports Team. I also compete with my French Bulldogs in the Conformation ring. My favorite thing to do is pack up the RV and spend the weekend at dog events with my friends and competing with my dogs. That first place ribbon really gives you that great sense of accomplishment and tells you all your hard work has paid off. Just frosting on top of having a fun filled weekend.

Donna Abshere~ The Vice President of the American Blue Lacy Association has years of dog experience. She trains and uses her Blue Lacys for search and rescue. It is her deepest desire to help preserve the integrity of the Blue Lacy breed. As a preferred ABLA breeder her biggest goal is to improve upon the breed with every selected mating.

Tricia Frazier~ The ABLA’s Secretary has been a member of Search and Rescue for 25 years and have had dogs and horses that I used to do searches.  So I have been very involved in obedience training, in both dogs and horses.  I am a member of the Twin Cities Kennel Club,  The American Quarter Horse  Association,  and I am a Preferred Breeder of the American Blue Lacy Association.  This breed has changed my world. They do it all , hunt, track, herding, and are the greatest companions.  The best days I have are spent on horseback with my Blue Lacy’s, hunting or helping us to move cattle.  There is nothing more joyful than watching these dogs do what comes so naturally.  They so want to please,  there is no other dog like a Blue Lacy.



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