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AKC’s FSS Program

We recently applied to the AKC’s FSS program:
The Foundation Stock Service® allows purebred rare breeds to continue to develop while providing them with the security of a reliable and reputable avenue to maintain their records.

Foundation Stock Service® is a requirement for fanciers of a breed who want to achieve full AKC recognition.

FSS® breeds may now compete in Companion Events and in Performance Events that AKC determines to be applicable. Breeds must have dogs with three-generation pedigrees recorded in the FSS®, a breed standard, and an active breed club in order to compete. Recording your dog in FSS® can help catapult your breed into AKC competition.

While the recording of a dog in FSS® does not guarantee eventual full AKC registration, it does provide the avenue to compete in the exciting world of Companion and Performance Events.

FSS Program Update:

Thanks to all of those breeders who are quietly supporting our efforts and registering their dogs with us we will be able to apply again in the not too distant future when our numbers are higher. Since our numbers are continuing to increase quite quickly we don’t expect it to be too long. It is a big step for the Blue Lacy breed to finally be recognized as a pure bred dog. It will be a great accomplishment to also have the breed standard set in stone and put a stop to all the cross breeding going on. Not many (if any) cross breedings will be able to fall within the size standard or the official look of the Blue Lacy. We know all of you are anxious to finally be able to compete with your dogs and be able to show what our breed is capable of doing, but we are making progress and we ask your patience as it shouldn’t be that much longer now. Again the ABLA would like to thank all those Blue Lacy breeders and Blue Lacy owners for their support in registering their dogs with us in their quiet support of our efforts.

Thank you,

The ABLA ~ For Those That Want To Do More With Their Dogs And Keep The Bloodlines Pure

Guidelines For Registering a New Breed

If the goal for your breed is AKC recognition please consider the action items below after your breed is in the FSS®. The recognition process begins with admission of the breed to the Miscellaneous Class.

Form a strong national breed club and encourage fanciers nationwide to join and get involved. A national breed club with representative membership of about 100 active households is expected for a breed to be placed in the Miscellaneous Class. The amount of active households needed may vary depending on the number of dogs recorded in the FSS®.

  • Create a breed standard that conforms to the Guidelines for Writing Breed Standards. Final approval is made by the AKC Board at the time the breed is approved for full recognition.
  • Form active committees such as a rescue committee or a health committee, put on shows, and publish a quarterly newsletter. A committed AKC liaison is also keeping AKC updated on the club’s various activities and provides documentation of the fanciers’ dedication to full AKC recognition. Current officer and membership lists must be on file with the AKC.
  • Encourage other fanciers to record their dogs with FSS®. A minimum of 300-400 dogs with complete three-generation pedigrees, owned by many different individuals residing in various parts of the nation, must be recorded as part of the criteria for approval to move to the Miscellaneous Class. The more dogs you record with the FSS®, the more committed AKC believes the fanciers are to achieving full recognition. If the national breed club has not submitted its breed registry for entry into FSS®, the club is required to do so when moving to the Miscellaneous Class.
  • A dog must be enrolled in the AKC FSS® to be eligible to be entered in the Miscellaneous Class.
  • Stay in contact. The AKC moves forward with recognition of breeds whose fanciers want the breed to be recognized. Maintaining regular contact with FSS® staff will show your enthusiasm for and commitment to AKC recognition.

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