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Animal Dealers

Class ‘B’ dealers may sell these animals to entities such as biological supply companies (those that provide live and dead animals to classrooms and laboratories that are also considered Class ‘B’ dealers under the AWA definition), blood supply companies/facilities that collect blood from animal colonies for veterinary medical use, and research/testing laboratories.

Random Source Dealers Supplying Dogs and Cats for Research, Teaching and Testing


  • 86-B-0050 Ranaco Corporation, DBA: Delta Biologicals* (Tucson)


  • 32-B-0045 Mark and Penny Lynch, DBA: LBL Kennels (Reelsville)


  • 61-B-0124 Perry and Crystal Foster, DBA: Mountain Top Kennels (Wallingford)


  • 34-B-0178  Cheri-Hill Kennel & Supply, Inc. (Stanwood)
  • 34-B-0001 Roberta and James Woudenberg, DBA: R&R Research
    (Howard City)
  • 34-B-0002 Fred Hodgins, DBA: Hodgins Kennels (Howell)


  • 41-B-0017 Kenneth Schroeder (Wells)


  • 43-B-3631 Tony and Becky Schachtele, DBA: Schachtele Auction Service (Keytesville)

North Carolina

  • 55-B-0010 Carolina Biological Supply* (Burlington)
  • 55-B-0081 John H. and Eva Wise, DBA: Hillside Kennel* (Four Oaks)
  • 55-B-0076 S E Lab Animal Farm, Inc.* (Raleigh)
  • 55-B-0107 LBS Biological, Inc.* (Graham)


  • 31-B-0104 Robert Perry (Mt. Sterling)


  • 73-B-0130 Henry Lee Cooper, DBA: C & C Kennels (Wewoka) (license suspended for five years)


  • 23-B-0174 Floyd Martin, DBA: Chestnut Grove Kennel (Shippensburg)

South Carolina

  • 56-B-109  Whale Branch Animal Services, Inc. (Seabrook)

Bold font denotes those currently under investigation for apparent violations of the Animal Welfare Act by the USDA

* Denotes dealer selling dead dogs and/or cat

DBA = doing business as

This list originally appeared as part of an article published in the Fall 2000 AWI Quarterly.  It was was last updated January 27, 2009 by AWI with information obtained from US Department of Agriculture.

Resources: Animal Welfare Institute ~

AAVS American Anti-Vivisection Society ~

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