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Animal Rights Agenda~

How about writing to the editor of your newspaper and asking readers how they feel about the following:

1) no more horses in the Rose Parade.

2) no more Kentucky Derby or Santa Anita races

3) no more rodeos

4) no more polo games

5) no more circuses

6) no more horse shows

7) no more Westminster Kennel Club

8) no more pet owners legally allowed to breed their pet dogs

9) no more pets

10) no more chicken soup, KFC or El Pollo Loco

11) no more Outback, Black Angus or Ruth’s Chris steak houses

12) no more McDonalds, Carl’s, Jr., or any other fast food

13) no more Long John Silver’s or Red Lobster

14) no more Guide Dogs for the Blind

15) no more Assistance Dogs of any kind

16) no more bomb-sniffing dogs at the airport

17) no more dogs in the military, used to save lives in time of war

18) no more therapy dogs to help the handicapped

Please, do not doubt for one second what the animal rights agenda is.  They won’t even deny it!

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