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Can X-ray Harm My Litter?

2. Relative numbers: At the beginning of gestation there are few cells.
If an x-ray damages 2 and there are only 4 cells for instance, 50% of
the cells ever produced by this fetus will be damaged. You wind up with
a dead or resorbed pup. If an x-ray damages 2 cells late in gestation
and there are millions of cells, it’s a tiny fraction of cells the fetus
has. It doesn’t cause immediate harm and can be used.
<http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Mutagenic>

3. However, even at the end of gestation, those cells are still
multiplying much more than later on in the puppy’s life. The copies of
the small number of damaged cells will still be making damaged copies of
themselves 5-10 years down the line. Those few damaged cells from a
fetal xray can make a clump of damaged copies. For instance, a tumor.
Yes it could cause cancer. And the vet tech that made your x-ray is long
gone from the picture. For any vet to say there is no connection at all
is short sighted. It hasn’t been proven. And evidence points the other
direction… that there could definitely be a connection. Explanation of
mutating cells here:
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Mutagenic

4. Other forms of imaging such as ultrasound (sound radiation) and
doppler (RF radiation) are non-ionizing. They do not cause cell damage.

X-rays are vital tools that keep us safe at whelping. Don’t use them
lightly though. You do potentially cause harm when you use them.

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