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Cancer On The Rise=Vaccinations

“Not only do companion animals live a shorter lifespan, if they develop a malignant cancer the doubling time of the cancer mass is much shorter. Therefore, a malignant tumor can run the full course of cancer in a much shorter time.

In l999 the WHO named the veterinary vaccine adjuvant a grade ¾ carcinogen, with four being the most carcinogenic. What the research tells us is in animals is that adjuvant, in this case aluminum hydroxide, stimulates an inflammatory reaction and therefore creates oxidative stress that results in a mutation of the p53 suppressor gene. The p53 suppressor gene is supposed to help the body stop malignancies by suppressing tumor growth. When a mutation of p53 occurs, malignant tumors results. There is no question as to the causation and effect; aluminum hydroxide often leaves its calling card in the biopsy specimens the telltale blue grey foreign body. The mark of the beast so to speak also claims the cancer as the result of the intrusion of this foreign substance.

Now, this leads to the question and then the realization that not only the cat but other animals, the ferret and the dog all get vaccine injection site soft tissue sarcomas. Studies have shown the vaccine to have caused the sarcoma in the dog and the ferret. Cancers are found in injection sites that resulted from the vaccine, as well in other areas not directly the vicinity of the injection site. Not only are the soft tissue sarcomas from the vaccines, so are most of the other tumors as well. Documented cases of lymphoma have resulted in patients developing vaccine injection site fibrosarcomas. Once it is understood that the integrity of the genome has been compromised  via immunosupression, inflammation, adjuvant, modified live viruses, protein incorporation, poison or neurotoxin injection all , I repeat all of which occurs  via the hypodermic inoculation at the time of vaccine administration, you must question the reason why vaccines are used so frequently if at all.

Vaccination as we all are now aware is  lacking in any scientific evidence for long term safety or studies that it does not produce chronic disease as a trade off for the missing acute disease.  For that matter, we have no proof that the vaccines do not cause the bulk of every haywire out of control cancer cell growth that goes by unsuppressed. In this case we find the proof that vaccines can and do cause malignant cancer.

The yearly administration of the “mumbo jumbo” that vaccine based veterinary practices all over the United States have made a custom and a burden to the companion owning public was never scientific nor even  an evidence based medical procedure. In fact, the custom, because that is all this has turned out to be, was the unscientific, unresearched and unwarranted  musings of a roundtable discussion among veterinarian members of the AVMA. We have no information what if any role the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the vaccines may have played in those “musings”.

This medical hubris and the consequences have yet to be fully realized. The unforeseen collateral damages done to our patients as of yet unacknowledged.

Lacking any scientific validation, the veterinary medical institutions of our great nation essentially turned out veterinary doctors to work as needle jockeys.

The consequential research preformed from our major veterinary vaccine researchers has proven the in vivo mutagenicity of vaccines, the generation of auto anti-bodies and auto-immune disease, the degenerative diseases, the endocrine diseases, neurotoxicity and seizures of vaccine administration, allergies, asthma and the continued evidence of cancer . All of the internal medicine cases we see are well described vaccine induced disease.

If vaccines were not dangerous with adverse reactions and devastating health consequences, then they would not have originated a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act.” *Patricia Jordan DVM,CVA, CTCVH and Herbology

Forty-Five Years of Registration Statistics, Proving Vaccination to Be both Useless and Dangerous, by Alfred R. Wallace. LL.D., second edition, London, 1889, p. 38, Third Report of the [British] Royal Commission appointed to inquire into the subject of Vaccination, Minutes of Evidence, Government Publication, London, 1890, p. 34, q. 7713

“Well, that is the medical profession of whom I am not brethren. The veterinary profession can and needs to make the right directional move on this vaccine debacle. To ignore this issue is to commit malpractice. If a member of the profession does not understand this, let him honor the Hippocratic Oath.”

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