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Canine Reproduction

Canine Reproduction
With Dr. Robert Hutchison

*leading canine reproduction expert

Question: Do you know if Mibolerone is available again in the USA? And, if so, is it as safe (or not) as the previous ‘Cheque Drops’? Any contraindications or cautions in using it? Thanks!

I feel like Christmas has already come!
Mibolerone is back on the market since August It is the SAME volume and same concentration as the old Cheque drops even though it is made by a different company the price has gone up signifigantly, so I am recommending for dosing to start the bitch daily for ten days and then go every other day as a standard dose be sure that the bitch has had her first cycle before starting on them and I ALWAYS recommend having an ALT, which is a liver enzyme test, to be sure there is no liver disease, before I start on the drug it is still one of the most valuable drugs available to preserve the uterine lining from the damage of progesterone from the bitch’s own heat cycle

Question: Where can we obtain mibolerone?

A company out of New Jersey called Wedgewood Pharmacy, but you need to purchase through a veterinarian. You should breed your bitch on the first cycle after they go off the drug, you do NOT need to skip that cycle the normal bitch cycles 70 days after you take her off the drug; even though most bitches fall back into their normal cycle be it May and Nov or June and Dec…and that may effect the timing of her first cycle after coming off the drug. I still think it’s one of the greatest drugs we have out there. Even though the bitch’s own body produces the progesterone, the progesterone causes inflammation of the uterine lining, and the uterus is never as healthy after a heat cycle as it was before that heat cycle

Question: can Dr. Hutch tell us how safe are cheque drops?

Cheque drops in my mind are one of the safest drugs we have side effects include 1 percent tear from the eye they will get a musky odor and the most misunderstood side effect is it puts the bitch back into puppy vaginitis again unfortunately, many vets and breeders alike interpret any vaginal discharge as pyometritis Cheque drops actually PREVENT pyometritis I never hesitate to use this product on my own bitches.

Question: What can you tell us about Canine Herpes virus?

Canine herpes virus is part of the kennel cough complex it is one of the most common viruses our dogs are exposed to. That is why it is so rare to have a problem with the virus. Any bitch who has been to a show, a kennel, a training class, probably has herpes virus and when she has the puppies, she passes the protection to the puppies through the colostrum and the puppies are now protected. Where herpes becomes a problem is in puppies from bitches who have never BEEN exposed to herpes virus the puppies have no protection and the herpes virus causes an extreme vasculitis and hemorrhaging throughout the body and is almost always fatal. Why it does not cause the same problem in an adult dog is that with a body temperature above 100 degrees the virus casues only a mild cough if body temperature is under 100 degrees… and as I’m sure all our breeders know, a newborn puppy’s normal temperature is 96 degrees, and a newborn puppy’s temperature does not reach 100 degrees until 3-4 weeks of age.. it can be devastating. The treatment is trying to raise the puppy’s body temperature to 100 degress the drugs that are used in humans for herpes are not successful.

Question: I have been told that back to back breedings are actually safe for a bitch. What are your feelings on this and if you agree at what age do you feel the first breeding is best planned?

This varies by breed because the bitch is unique in that their heat cycle is progesterone driven the progesterone in a non-pregnant bitch lasts just as long as in a pregnant bitch. There is NO ADVANTAGE to skipping a cycle in a bitch
and a uterus is probably healthier in a pregnant bitch than in a non-pregnant bitch.

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