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Cross Breeding To Black Mouthed Curs

If the black mask was supposed to be in the breed it would have been included in the original breed standard but the breed only calls for tri colored dogs, blues and reds. For SOME reason people have just decided to overlook this fact and are actually believing these cross breeders.

Sponge Feeding Puppy

Great way to prevent aspirating a puppy by bottle feeding or tube feeding:

Sponge Feeding Video

Treating A Swimmer Puppy

I've never had one and never heard of a Blue Lacy swimmer puppy, but there is always a first time.

Join Us To Protect Small Breeders~

The USDA is looking to pass a law that would affect any breeder with more than 4 bitches who places a puppy over the internet. This means the USDA will force you to raise your puppies in a “whelp building”. You must keep your dogs in “a clean and sanitary manner” which means cages with wire flooring. There is no way in hell anybody is going to make me put my babies in jails/cages just because I produce litters from time to time and find loving families over the internet. This bill would only force small breeders to breed in an inhumane puppy mill fashion.

How To Read A Pedigree For Breeding ~

Reading a pedigree for application ~ By that I mean learn to read your pedigree, or proposed pedigree, by genetic information being passed.

What Is Hip Dysplasia?

From this article it is easy to see why CHD is such a difficult problem to control. However, through careful breeding selections of OFA certified animals that have a low incidence of CHD in their littermates and in their pedigrees, we should be able to reduce, although not eliminate, CHD.

How Outcrossing Destroys a Breeding Program ~

This is a HUGE fantastic article that explains everything you need to know about breeding by a world renown breeder. This is just a portion of it covering outcrossing which is the only type of breeding allowed at the TLGDA. That a registry can dictate to their members how they can breed still amazes me, but that they literally make it so people can't improve upon the breed just boggles the mind. There is simply no other breeder who has come even close to what he has accomplished. This is just the part of his compilation of articles on the subject of out-crossing written for Dog World Magazine for which he won the Dog Writers' Association Award.

Tips On Dams Milk

Sometimes our girls need a little help in this department whether it is too much milk or too little.

Clarifying ABLA Dog Registrations ~

There seems to be some confusion on dog registrations. We are NOT desperate to register dogs. We are not more lax with our registration process. We are the hardest registry to get into. If you have tried elsewhere and failed please do not even bother with us. We are more than just the cost of a puppy. There are reasons we have waiting lists and get more for our puppies.

Calcium ~

Low blood calcium leads to ineffective contractions and nervousness, often resulting in puppy loss. Mom will pull calcium out of the bone to augment her need.


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