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Diet Causes Cleft Palates/Congenital Defects

Another reason to not feed a raw diet during pregnancy:

No Raw Diet/Calcium For Pregnant Blue Lacy

I was recently asked about raw diet for a pregnant Blue Lacy. The answer is no, do not feed a raw diet to your pregnant Blue Lacy. Here are just a couple of reasons why.

The ABC’s Of Dog Breeding

Although there are still some dog breeders who feel that using rules of genetics in a breeding program has little effect on their success, it is unlikely that a breeder can produce healthy dogs of consistent quality, year after year, without understanding how traits are passed from one generation to the next. Anyone can breed one or two good dogs by chance, but understanding why something happens in a breeding program, which is the stuff of genetics, is an important key to keeping virtues and eliminating defects. Much of our knowledge about the significance of genetics to canine breeding and health is thanks to research done in the lucrative livestock industry.

Doppler Heart Monitors

Question: Does anyone have any experience with Doppler heart monitors used for pregnant women? I'm thinking about purchasing one and I'm looking for advice on models.

Response: I love mine. have used it with success to confirm pregnancy as well as during whelp for a still birth suspected before further whelps arrived.

Answer: "I sort of hate to get into this, but it is something that breeders need to know if they are to avoid unnecessary c-sections. Vets don't seem to know this stuff either, but I'm sure it's just because they haven't worked in labor/delivery with human patients, fetal monitors etc. It is human technology that doesn't translate well to dogs.

Canine Reproduction

Question: I have been told that back to back breedings are actually safe for a bitch. What are your feelings on this and if you agree at what age do you feel the first breeding is best planned?

This varies by breed because the bitch is unique in that their heat cycle is progesterone driven the progesterone in a non-pregnant bitch lasts just as long as in a pregnant bitch. There is NO ADVANTAGE to skipping a cycle in a bitch and a uterus is probably healthier in a pregnant bitch than in a non-pregnant bitch.

Herbs For The Brood Bitch

ALFALFA sprouts helps in weight gain, stimulates appetite, good for muscle/joint pains, contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, enzymes, choline, sodium, silicon, Vitamins A B, D, K & P APPLES juice or fruit: contains pectin which is a natural toxin remover, (fruit) adds fibre to diet, great for diabetic dogs because it slows down the absorption of sugars BANANAS rich in potassium & magnesium, both needed for bone building & calcium balance. Use only fully ripe.

Care Of Bitch During Pregnancy

Dietary supplementation of the pregnant bitches' usual food with vitamins and other minerals is a practice discouraged by veterinarians in recent years. It is now recognized that many vitamins and minerals may actually be harmful to the developing fetuses or produce serious pregnancy-related complications in the bitch......

Exercise:Though low-impact exercise is recommended, more demanding physical exertion, such as is required of working bitches used in hunting, herding, agility, or advanced obedience, is discouraged....

Electrolytes for dogs

Rebound is an electrolyte for dogs (chicken flavor I think) like pedialyte for kids only dogs like it 🙂 The calcium is absorbed into the bloodstream without having to get to the stomach or intestines.


Frozen plasma to be the only natural immune booster for newborn pups. Breeders have reported that pups fed plasma in the first 48 hours show consistent weight gain and are more vigorous than previous litters.


Question: When does a bitch have the greatest risk of Pyometra if she hasn't ever been bred?


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