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Why Dogs Have A Hard Time Digesting Grains~

I love the site A great site to find a good dogfood or see how yours measures up.

Dog Food Recall List ~

Manufacturers have recently issued voluntary recalls on several brands.

Why feeding your dog “on time” is a bad idea~

Carnivores, like our dogs, are not meant to be fed on time. And they are not built to get the same food every time they eat. They are genetically programmed for variation - both in food composition and feeding time.

Top Rules for Choosing Commercial Foods

4-D meats (from dead, dying, diseased and disabled) are a mainstay of the pet industry. And, of course, antibiotics, steroids and hormones pollute even our own food. Clearly the worst go into kibble where they can be well-cooked and the taste can be disguised with extruded fat. There is no upper limit for pesticide contamination levels for corn used in pet food.

Recalls and More Illness Due To Chicken Jerkey Treats

Two More Aflatoxin Pet Food Recalls Even More FDA Reports of Illness due to Chicken Jerky Treats

Controversy Over Menadione in Dog Food

Some call menadione in dog food a necessity. Yet others reject it as a dangerous toxin. So, what exactly is menadione? And why is it being used to make certain dog foods… and not others?

Science Diet Gets FDA Warning Letter

*In my opinion Science Diet has always been one of the worst dog foods out there and yet you see it in every vets office because of the great kick backs they get for selling it. Very irritating. I am sure they will just change the wording a little to pacify the FDA, but still promote their false claims of a healthy dog food.*

Dog Food Labels Are Made To Be Misleading ~

As consumers we look at labels hoping to gain an idea of the contents of the pet food we are buying, but what if they are purposely misleading?

Buffalo vs. Bison

Bet you didn't know that Bison is the only meat considered hypoallergenic. Meaning people and dogs that don't tolerate other forms of proteins well are able to eat it instead.

Diet Conditioning and Precautions

Many people experience problems when they try to get their dog to eat some food it isn't used to. These problems particularly become apparent

when you want to shift from kibble feeding to a more healthy raw natural diet. There are many cases of this causing the dog to vomit. And the owner then, naturally, thinks that there is a problem with the raw food…

Again: Wrong conclusion.


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