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Why no Purina? Because ALL the Purina foods are made out of junk foods --with the primary animal protein being "poultry by-product meal" which, according to the AAFCO dictionary of terms means "heads, feet and intestines, including some manure." Not muscle tissue..not organ meat....poultry (not saying which kind of poultry either) of very low protein value.

Poisoning Your Dog? Part 2

Since I also breed French Bulldogs one of the most common problems with them is food allergies. I’d switch from one brand to another, from beef to lamb, from grain to rice, etc. and find myself frustrated at not being able to solve the problem. Things may seem to go well for a time and then the same old thing happens all over again. Changing to lamb from beef would appear to be a logical thing to try, but how on earth do you really know just what you are really getting? Let me give you an example of what could be in a run of “lamb” from the rendering plant and still legally be labeled as lamb. read more

Are You Poisoning Your Dog? Part 1


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