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Calcium For Puppies ~

You must add the right amount of calcium to a pup’s homemade diet. Adult dogs can regulate their absorption of calcium, retaining what they need and excreting the rest. Puppies, particularly young puppies, can't do this, so too much or too little calcium is harmful, especially during periods of rapid growth.

Raw Diet ~

We all know the health benefits of feeding raw over all the preservatives found in even the most premium of dog foods. It is so time consuming and expensive to feed raw. I have been doing my best when I buy a whole grass fed cow or buffalo, but even that is expensive.

Junk Pet Food and the Damage Done

Dogs, cats and ferrets fed a regular diet of processed food suffer from a range of crueland debilitating diseases. Pet owners can improve their pets' health by feeding them anatural, chewy diet primarily of whole raw carcasses or at least raw meaty bones.

Toxic Fluoride Levels in 8 of 10 Pet Foods

Eating their way to devastation, dogs and cats harbor toxic levels of this poisonous chemical element. Abundant in pet foods despite decades of damage reports, pets are consuming fluoride in record amounts.

One of My Favorite Things: Green Tripe

I realized I have been remiss in not telling you of this sooner. Oh I know, it looks nasty and smells even worse, but this is some fantastic stuff and boy will your “Blue Lacys” love you for it.

Book ~ Raw Meaty Bones

Veterinarian Tom Lonsdale is selling plenty of his book Raw Meaty Bones in the US but the Australian media seems to have blacked him out because the multinational pet food companies don't want their dodgy doggy tucker exposed.

Myth ~ Dogs Are Omnivores

Is the dog an omnivore? Its dentition, internal and external anatomy, and physiology say it is not. Even its evolutionary history says the dog is a carnivore.

You’re Going To Love This! ~ H$U$ ENTERS PET FOOD MARKET

How will they go after us next? Basically a dog food that isn’t good for any dogs: The Humane $ociety of the United $tates has partnered with Humane Choice Organic on Humane Choice Adult Dog Food. H$U$ receives 6% of the wholesale price. H$U$ created Humane Choice Dog Food to provide adult dogs a food that is primarily made with organic fresh vegetables. Humane Choice is for adult dogs needing only a maintenance diet – it is not for puppies or dogs in their growth period (through two years of age) or pregnant or lactating dogs, working, service, racing sled dogs, performance dogs or senior dogs.

HR45 Gun Owners Watch Out!

In November, our lying president promised he was not going after our Second Amendment rights. This bill was introduced on Feb. 24. This bill will become public knowledge 30 days after it is voted into law. This is an amendment to the Internal Revenue Act of 1986. This means that the Finance Committee can pass this without the Senate voting on it at all.

SATIN BALLS for Pregnant Bitches or Weight Gain

Here is the recipe I use for Satin Balls…

SATIN BALLS Can be taken as frozen packs to dog shows, and kept on ice. Wont spoil if you keep it cold. Can be fed by itself or as a supplement to increase weight. It will put weight on quickly, so monitor carefully. You may notice fewer stools, as dogs are able to digest most of this food.


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