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Behavior Problems, Tumors and Cancer From Microchipping

One of my puppy owners lost their pup due to very fast growing aggressive tumor from microcchipping.

Homeopathic Cure For Tumors

How to remove a dog’s growth or tumor in just days Holistically and avoid a huge vet bill or putting your dog through surgery.

Allergies A Man Made Problem

The large number of people suffering from allergies was unheard of before vaccines were introduced on a mass scale. But by the turn of the century, doctors had clearly identified them as a cause of allergy.

Know The Health Benefits Of Cannabis

One of this planet’s oldest herbs can provide safe and effective medicine for a myriad of issues with few to no side effects. With restrictions lessening, more practitioners are turning to cannabis as a viable, natural treatment option.

Olive Leaf Extract 20% -25% Oleuropein

Pharmaceutical company confirms… “Olive Leaf Extract Killed Every Virus, Bacteria and Protozoa They Tested it Against!”

Spay/Neuter And Joint Disease

There is one disclaimer however and it’s as follows: if the family decides to spay or neuter the puppy before 24 months of age, my warranty is null and void. The reason is that research shows I can’t guarantee the puppy’s joints won’t be affected by this seemingly simple medical procedure. Spay neuter and joint disease are now shown to be related and this surgery has the capability of permanently changing a healthy puppy joint into an unhealthy one.

Should I Vaccinate For Lyme Disease?

In dogs, Lyme disease is a minor infection not nearly worthy of the attention it has received. Still, it is important not to discount Lyme disease in dogs completely lest one overlook an easily eliminated cause of chronic joint disease, especially in dogs in the Northeastern U.S.

If the disease pathology can be triggered from antigen alone, that means that vaccines are capable of inducing disease and that vaccines will convey cumulative damage with each administration.

Boosting Your Dog’s Immune System~

World-leading nutraceutical researcher, Jon Barron has compiled a complete and well thought out list of items you might want to add to your dog’s diet to boost his immune health.

Top 10 Pet Myths~

Eating Grass = A Sick Pet or an Upset Stomach A purring cat is a happy cat and a wagging tail means a happy dog When pets lick their wounds, it speeds up healing An itchy pet is always a sign of fleas Changing foods is bad for your pet’s digestion

Ovary Removal Instead Of Spaying

When some savvy veterinarians took a fresh look at performing spays, a surgery we’ve been doing the exact same way for decades, they came up with a revised technique that accomplishes all of the objectives of the spay surgery with fewer complications. How cool is that?


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