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Vaccine Class Action Law Suit

3 cheers, another stand against over poisoning our dogs with too many vaccines.

Rattlesnake Vaccination~

I am now told that a Doberman in this area has died from liver failure after receiving the vaccine. Another interesting but sad note, is the vet that gave Blossom the vaccine recently told us his Golden Retriever died three hours after receiving the rattlesnake vaccine and another vaccination.

The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Why not give coconut oil a try and introduce it to your dog? It offers many benefits for your dog and is a more sustainable and less toxic source of oils than fish.

Heartworm Alternative Medicine~

In his book "The Nature of Animal Healing", Dr. Martin Goldstein states that he believes that much of the cancer and liver disease we see in dogs today is the result of years of treatment with heartworm preventatives.

Side Effects of Heartworm Medication~

When health intersects money, there’s a lot of room for conflict of interest. Only by understanding the business aspects and the truth about heartworm transmission can you make an informed decision about if, how and when to protect your dog with commercial products.

Dangers of Flea Medication~

Young animals are not big enough or strong enough to defend against the chemicals and may end up with brain damage, kidney damage and nerve damage if the product is not applied correctly.

Thimerosal In Rabies Vaccines

There has been concern that mercury poisoning in young children is a direct cause of autism and this link has also been shown in animal research. These concerns are based on the similarities between the symptoms of mercury poisoning and autism.

Poison Warning For Pets And Children

What was different about this patient was the type of rat poison he consumed. This particular type contains bromethalin. It is sold locally under the "Tom Cat" brand name and is present in mouse, rat and mole/gopher formulas.

The Bordetella Vaccine Fraud ~

Every once in a while I get an Email from a puppy owner telling me about the reactions their puppy is having to a vaccination and asking me what to do. This always prompts me to go looking for more ways to drive home the importance of learning about these poisons and their effects on our dogs health. I figure if I say it enough and quote enough specialists that hopefully ALL my new puppy owners will take it more seriously. In the end, vaccination for Bordetella is at best fruitless and at worst, a pathetic fraudulence at the hands of veterinarians and vaccine manufacturers. It is up to you whether or not your dog receives this vaccination and that is not overstating the obvious. Sadly, most pet owners are aware of this but choose vaccination because they feel they are at the mercy of boarding kennels, training schools and veterinarians.

Rabies Vaccination ~ 13 Ways To Vaccinate More Safely

Yes, here is another article on vaccinations. I feel there is just so much that is up to us to learn so we can TELL our vets what we want, after all they work for us and are supposed to do what we want them to right? With the Blue Lacys carrying the blue gene and making them even more susceptible than your average dog it is up to us to inform ourselves about the most important, life changing drugs we will administer to our dogs! Even a matter of life and death in many cases. An over abundance or wrong type of vaccination will affect the quality and life span of your dogs life. Please keep in mind that your average vet has little to no vaccination education, so they are just following the manufacturers recommendation.


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