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Allergies A Man Made Problem

The large number of people suffering from allergies was unheard of before vaccines were introduced on a mass scale. But by the turn of the century, doctors had clearly identified them as a cause of allergy.

Should I Vaccinate For Lyme Disease?

In dogs, Lyme disease is a minor infection not nearly worthy of the attention it has received. Still, it is important not to discount Lyme disease in dogs completely lest one overlook an easily eliminated cause of chronic joint disease, especially in dogs in the Northeastern U.S.

If the disease pathology can be triggered from antigen alone, that means that vaccines are capable of inducing disease and that vaccines will convey cumulative damage with each administration.

Lyme Vaccination Disease ~

Consider the fact that 95% of naturally infected dogs during Penn State testing showed no symptoms despite testing as positive. Lyme disease in humans is likely more symptomatic because they have not been infected as long as dogs have. The term “hard to catch and easy to cure” seems to be true for dogs and Lyme disease.

Toxins: Water, Vaccines & Air

For those that care about their health I am sure the Vaccine and water information is nothing new, but I had no idea what was going on over our heads! Very interesting.

2 New Chemical Free/Non-Toxic Flea & Tick Repellents ~

TickLess Pet Ultrasonic Repellent & Sentry Natural Defense Natural Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs

Rabies Vaccine Challenge Study

A fund has been set up to support a long-term Rabies Vaccine Challenge Study.

Vaccine Class Action Law Suit

3 cheers, another stand against over poisoning our dogs with too many vaccines.

Rattlesnake Vaccination~

I am now told that a Doberman in this area has died from liver failure after receiving the vaccine. Another interesting but sad note, is the vet that gave Blossom the vaccine recently told us his Golden Retriever died three hours after receiving the rattlesnake vaccine and another vaccination.

Heartworm Alternative Medicine~

In his book "The Nature of Animal Healing", Dr. Martin Goldstein states that he believes that much of the cancer and liver disease we see in dogs today is the result of years of treatment with heartworm preventatives.

Side Effects of Heartworm Medication~

When health intersects money, there’s a lot of room for conflict of interest. Only by understanding the business aspects and the truth about heartworm transmission can you make an informed decision about if, how and when to protect your dog with commercial products.


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