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Taking blood for an annual titer test, to check a dog’s level of immune defenses, should replace the habit of vaccinating dogs annually whether or not they need it.

Canine Influenza H3N8 Vaccine

The vaccine, made from killed virus, is intended to aid in the control of disease associated with canine influenza virus infection, type A, subtype H3N8.

The Truth About Pet Vaccinations ~

I know I have said it all before, but vaccinations are doing so much to harm our pets I just can't bring myself to drop the subject. Is it even possible to say too much on the subject when they are killing our pets or even worse inflicting a slow painful death on them? Here is another great article on over vaccinating your dog:

BEWARE!! Blue Lacys Are A Vaccine Sensitive Breed ~

I am hearing more and more about Lacys with health problems such as auto immune deficiency, which is NOT a problem for our breed as a whole. Many if not all breeders do NOT know of the over vaccination issue.

Combination Shots for Dogs: Weapons of Over-Vaccination

Whombo combos, mumbo jumbos: that’s what veterinarians who understand immunology call combination shots. Unlike a vaccine such as rabies, which contains a single virus, combination vaccines contain multiple “modified live” viruses mixed with various bacteria. Think of them as toxic soups, biochemical wolves in sheep’s clothing. When your vet sends out reminders to bring your dog “up to date on shots,” expect the whombo combo. Beware the wolf.

Worming With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Worms and parasites are a major cause of all disease. ALL cancer and other diseased patients have worms. 85 to 95% of the human population is carrying around 2-3 pounds of worms in their system and these worms are a major contributor to disease.

Cancer On The Rise=Vaccinations

The cause of soft tissue sarcomas in animals is now, well studied and now understood. The resultant findings of the Feline Vaccine Sarcoma Task Force show a clear correlation to vaccine administration and cancer formation.

About The Rattlesnake Vaccine

The rattlesnake vaccine is one of about 25 available vaccines for canines. It does nothing to protect the dog against the venom, it merely offers a bit of added comfort and reduced swelling if the dog is bitten. The dog will STILL need treatment for the bite, the vaccine does not prevent the illness that follows. Weigh the mild comfort against the increased risk of kidney disease, and autoimmune disease from over vaccinating.

Notes on Vaccines and Schedule

Dr. Jean Dodds' Recommended Vaccination Schedule and notes:

Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) – A Silent Killer

What Causes It? Though there are many theories, scientists aren't absolutely positive what causes the diesease. Some theorize that it is caused by over vaccination. It has been determined that the vaccines that were thought tho be necessary on an annual basis are actually staying in the body longer, some for a few years. So when the responsible owner gets their dog vaccinated every year, they are actually introducing too much of the virus into the system. It is thought that over time this is causing the bodies immune system to go into overdrive to fight virus so the bodies white blood cells start attacking and destroying the bodies healthy red blood cells.


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