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Types Of Socialization

I mention the two types of socialization in my puppy packet, but here is a whole article on it in more depth. With my first Lacy I socialized her too much and as a result it was a challenge competing in anything with l17her as she was always more interested in running over to meet everyone.

Spay or Neuter Your Dog?

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to spaying & neutering. Here is a list of both so you may make a more informed decision.

Prepare Your Home For A Puppy

Inviting a puppy into your life provides a great opportunity for housecleaning on a major scale.

Resuscitating the Newborn Puppy

It should be routinely used on ALL newborn puppies to expel any fluid present in the nasal cavities or windpipe and to resuscitate the non-breathing or gasping puppy.

The Perfect Dog/Puppy Bedding ~

If you are looking for the perfect bedding for crates....I simply love this stuff. It is called Vet Bedding.

Puppy Teething Tip ~

For a cool toy that is perfect for teething puppies, soak a rope toy in water and freeze. The cold will relieve and sooth sore gums. To make it even more appetizing try soaking it in a low sodium broth. Make sure your cheerful

Celebrating Halloween With Your Dog~

First Halloween with your dog? Here are a few tips to prevent mishaps...

Cruelty Alert: Dogs in Pickup Trucks

Personally I include this in my puppy contract. Tying one of my pups out in the yard or having them ride in the back of a truck unsecured is grounds for me to confiscate my puppy. They have to agree to do neither of these actions in a legal contract to even have a pup placed with them.

Raise Awareness About Pet Stores That Support Puppy Mills ~

According to a newly released poll, nearly 80 percent of consumers would not purchase a puppy if they knew he or she came from a puppy mill. But the poll also revealed that 78 percent of consumers are unaware that most puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills.

Teach Your Puppy Deference From Day One

It must learn to defer to you before you let it do anything-eat, go inside or outside, have a leash put on, sit on the sofa or bed, play with toys, even get your love and attention. All dogs should be raised this way, and no dog is too old to learn this behavior. It will not lessen your dog's spunk or individuality.


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