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Children Toys Can Kill Your Dog

I received this from a friend today: Last night at agility class, a vet, who is a fellow agility student was telling us about a case she had this week. The dog ate a child’s teddy bear and was very sick. When she opened the dog up to remove what she thought was an intestinal obstruction she found a huge gelatin type mess inside and the dogs intestines were black and the tissue dead. The dog will die no surgery can fix him up there was no living intestine left from stomach to colon.

This was not an obstruction. …. so she called the manufacturer of the Teddy Bear on a quest to find out what the gel was and what killed the dog. Turns out the stuffing in children’s toys contains ingredients for flame retardants and mite control! It is designed to become a gel. It is highly toxic. Now you would think a child’s toy would be safe because it is for children, but they don’t expect a child to eat the stuffing of the toys… hmmmm that seems a bit scary too. But we all know dogs demolish stuffed toys.

Maybe some children’s toys do not have this ingredient, but better to be safe than sorry. So either be super diligent or make sure all your dog toys are for dogs. Please pass this on… it is a horrible death she described and one that can be avoided.

Obstruction: A partial blockage in the intestines will produce intermittent symptoms, of vomiting, diarrhea, and cramping. A complete blockage will produce severe and sudden abdominal pain, violent, possibly projectile vomiting. The vomited material may consist of fecal-like matter, if the blockage is located in the lower GI tract, along with distention of the abdomen. If the blockage interferes with the flow of blood to the bowel, intestinal strangulation will occur, and the bowel will start to rot within a few hours. Abdominal x-rays are needed to properly diagnose the cause of distress and locate the blockage. Surgical removal of the blockage is required immediately, and the rotting bowel must be resected to the living bowel.

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