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Clarifying ABLA Dog Registrations ~

Please do not apply if you can’t supply the bloodlines for your dog with a pedigree. We will thoroughly check them out. Remember, we are against cross breeding! Do not send us a picture of a Beagle with a five generation pedigree and expect us to register it. We are not the registry of last resort. People who get puppies from us expect a lot more. We won’t recommend breeders if we are not sure of the health of the puppies they are producing, so we are not just another forum to get rid of what you are producing for more money. We thoroughly research additions to our registry and if you are a breeder you will be expected to get any dogs you are planning to breed hips and eyes tested for genetic defects. Studs are recommended to anyone looking for a stud and used by everyone. We will not allow genetic defects to be bred into our gene pool.

If you have a shining example of the breed meaning:

Please study the breed standard! If you can supply the required pictures and your dog looks like a Blue Lacy. Has a fantastic temperament that is just fine with small children. Has a great working ability and tracking skills. Is within the breed standard of conformation and size. We are looking for the best of the best to join us and set the breed standard for the breed in looks, conformation, temperament and size when accepted into the AKC. We are seeking to be entered into the “Hound Group”.

If you are striving to breed to a higher standard than the average Blue Lacy breeder. If you are willing to do health testing for genetic defects on your adults to make sure the puppies you are producing and entering into the registry are healthy and free of genetic problems. If you are willing to stand behind what you are producing by placing each and every puppy with a health guarantee, including a notice so the new owner won’t over vaccinate this vaccine sensitive breed. If you will only place the best of your litters with a breeding contract and others not used for breeding under spay/neuter contracts.

To preserve promote and foster in America the breeding, training, and distribution of reliable working Blue Lacys through education, ethical breeding and active ownership. Yes, the AKC told us to get our numbers up before reapplying, but we would rather take a bit longer and have a registry filled with dogs as close to perfection as possible when we do get accepted. After all these dogs are going to be the shining examples of our breed to the world.

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