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Clicker Training Your Puppy

*  · The clicker accurately identifies correct behavior. Because the clicker  is faster than verbal praise, it  is more   precise. In the time it takes to  say “good boy” an animal may perform the desired behavior  and then move to    an unwanted response, before the praise has time to register. In this scenario,  the  animal can’t tell if the   trainers liked the “sit” or the “jumping  up on the trainer” that occurred a split second later.
* · The clicker can also work well from a distance. It is impractical  to try and toss a treat at an animal’s mouth at   the exact moment that  a desirable behavior occurs. The clicker bridges the gap  from the instant  the animal  performs the correct response and the time it takes to actually  deliver a treat. Marine mammal trainers actually call this a “bridging stimulus”.
* · The clicker can take the place of the actual treats. Just as verbal  praise has the ability to satisfy and animal in   the absence of treats, the  clicker can motivate and animal to work through “dry  spells.”
* · The clicker can take your dog’s mind off the actual reinforcement.  Some dogs are so food crazy that they  cannot learn new behaviors in the presence  of food reinforcers until the secondary  reinforcer is established.
* · The clicker helps to define the end of the behavior. When teaching  a dog to stay, for instance, the click indicates how long the animal must  remain in one spot before a reinforcement is possible.

If you want to learn clicker training I recommend this site:

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