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Cognitive Evolution Research

· Is your dog patient? If given a choice between 1 treat immediately, or 5 treats in a few minutes, will your dog wait patiently for the 5 treats?

· Can your dog cooperate with a human or another dog to gain access to a highly valued reward, and if this capacity is in place, does your dog recognize that some efforts to cooperate merit greater rewards than others?

· Does your dog distinguish between accidental and intentional actions?

· Can your dog recognize human words, understanding that some words refer to specific objects?

· Does your dog understand that a picture is both an object, and an object that refers to another object?

· Can your dog grasp the abstract concept of “same,” understanding that sameness refers to two identical objects?

If you’ve had a dog, or interacted with one for a long period of time, you’ve had the experience of connecting, of getting to know what another animal is like, inside. We are interested in learning more about your dog’s feelings and thoughts, both because dogs are inherently interesting and because dogs can be studied to better understand the human mind. In the Canine Cognition Lab, we run non-invasive behavioral experiments to better understand how your dog solves problems, recognizes patterns of sound, reflects on what is known and unknown, and works out what you, an odd species with only two legs, believes, desires, and intends. By participating in our experiments, you will not only learn more about your own dog, but will also learn about how you and your family can run your own experiments at home. Check out this latest article from TIME magazine with fellow dog investigator Brian Hare.

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