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Competition ~ DOCKDOGS

Looking for an exciting way to compete with your incredible jumping Blue Lacy? Well read on………

Medina, OH October 8, 2009: We could tell by the line of traffic entering Elkins that this wasn’t going to be your average festival. There were many exciting things to watch including jousting and lumberjack shows but it was obvious by the crowd in the bleachers and around the pool that people couldn’t wait to see what DockDogs was all about.

Thursday morning started off with hundreds of local school kids anxiously awaiting DockDogs and many new teams ready to get their feet wet. One of which was Michael Valach with his dog Ninja Jack who came all the way down from Maryland to take home 1st place in our 1st Big Air wave of the weekend. Then there was Phil Chua and his dog Cocoa from Elkins coming in at a close 2nd. As the afternoon rolled around Buckeye DockDog members Jim Zelasko and Linda Torson made their way to the dock and the crowd was pleased as they watched a dog fly out past the 20 foot mark for the first time!

Thankfully you can’t trust the weather man, because despite the forecast, Friday turned out to be a beautiful day for jumping dogs! It was a bit chilly but I don’t think anyone minded as there were more than 20 new teams that came out from the area to test their dock legs. Local man Earl Williams and his dog Mocha found out that their dock legs are strong as they took home 1st place in the Novice division for the first Big Air wave of the day. It was a battle for 1st in Big Air wave #7 as Ellie and Bosco both jumped a 16’7″ on their 1st jump. Glen McLaughlin and Ellie ended up taking the win with 17’4″ beating Linda Torson and Bosco’s jump by just 2″! To round out the day Ellie once again stepped it up and took home 1st in Top Gun Extreme Vertical. Only this time she was handled by Glenn’s wife Tina. Hallie, handled by Jim Zelasko took 1st in Cadet and one of the favorites, Daisy Lou, handled by Carly Keane took home second in Cadet.

The waves were filling up fast as Saturday mornings last qualifying rounds drew near. In the end however only the top dogs could make it. We welcomed royalty to the dock to kick off our finals as Alicia Ruth Taylor, crowned Queen Silvia LXXlll of the Mountain State Forest Festival, jumped Jim Zelasko’s dog Hallie out past the 18′ mark. You could see the pride on Carly Keane’s face as Daisy Lou blew the competition away taking home the gold in Speed Retrieve with a time of 6.470 seconds. Followed then by Linda and Bosco taking 2nd and Kevin Meese and Titan in 3rd.

It wasn’t easy to make it to the Amateur Big Air Finals as the scores were close. In the end it was beginners and veterans alike battling for the top spot. Team Daisy Lou took home another win as she jumped out to 18’7″. Followed by Linda and Bosco in 2nd and a local man Steven Nick and his dog Duke taking home 3rd. Another local man just missed the money spots, coming in 5th place, Doug Harvey with his dog Haggard. I’m sure we’ll see them again as they seemed right at home on the dock.

The crowd couldn’t get enough as they were on the edge of their seats as we rolled into the Big Air Semi Pro Finals. It was Paul Leabhart and Moka placing 3rd, Jim Zelasko and Hallie in 2nd and taking home 1st was Steve Bacon and his dog Zues! For competition schedule visit: *

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