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Compliance With Vaccination Laws ~

It is nothing but unconstitutional and plain illegal abuse of your fundamental citizen rights, as you do not pose any risk or discomfort to anyone else by not vaccinating your dog. Vaccinated dogs are at least as good, if not much better, at transferring those diseases… besides, taking care of your dog is your responsibility, nobody else’s. It is none of your local government’s business to demand that you vaccinate in order to issue you a license. If it would require you to have a liability insurance, that would be a different matter, because that would constitute protection of other members of society. But prescribing how you are going to manage your own dog’s health is an illegal violation of your constitutional rights.

The most profound example of this kind of legal abuse is the mandatory rabies vaccinations. If you want to know the facts about this giant scam, you can get them from this article: “The Rabies Threat”, which I referred you to some time ago also. It is quite long (7 pages to print), but you will most likely be glad that you did read it – unless you get so disgusted with your government that you want to start a revolution!

Fighting back…

Let me first clear the most important question of all: I cannot and will not tell you that you should break the law, and I cannot and will not tell you how exactly you avoid the consequences of law enforcement if you do. That’s a very personal decision, for which you have to take full personal responsibility. I will not bail you out of jail if you make some stupid mistakes.

Yes, RISK again. There is no such thing as FREEDOM without responsibility and risk… You can choose to fight for your freedom – or let it go and become a slave.

Then, let me put things into perspective. This is very important stuff, and I do not want to see you down along the path to slavery…

Is it wrong to break the law?

You first inclination is, of course, to answer, “No, we should all obey the law!”

Let me give you an example where almost everybody agrees that this was not the right answer…

Remember in history class back in school when you learned about “The Nürnberg (Nuremberg) Trials” in 1945-46? Those were martial law tribunes where the Nazi leaders and officers were charged with the crime of obeying their own government! The whole bunch of them were found guilty as charged, and they had only one defense for their criminal action: they just obeyed the orders from “Der Führer”! And they had very good reason indeed for doing that, because we know (and they knew) of many cases where German officers, who did not do what Hitler told them to do, simply “disappeared”…

By the Allied judges, this was considered “invalid excuses”! These officers, who were loyal to their own government and did exactly what their government told them to do, were all sentenced, and many of them executed – BECAUSE they obeyed what was law in their country, at the time they did what we don’t like (and many of them did not like either, but they did not dare to object…).

So, what is the difference between a law we should obey and a law we should not obey?

Well, you need to find your own answer for you. But here is what I use as my guide:

  • A law that is in created in disrespect and violation of my country’s Constitution is not a law I feel morally obliged to obey.
  • A law that violates fundamental human rights is a law I feel morally obliged to not obey, no matter what.

Mandatory vaccinations of dogs falls into both categories in the USA and in Canada, and in most other western countries. And it certainly falls under the second category, no matter where you live…


Because it is nobody else’s business to force you to make choices that have no possible consequences for other people and other people’s ability to make their choices and enjoy their lives! What kinds of risks you want to accept in order to protect yourself, your own body, and your own dog against disease is something that only you have the right to decide about! Nobody, not even your government, has any rights to force you to take certain medication or undergo certain medical treatment, if you believe it is wrong or dangerous for you to do so! You are a sovereign person, not a slave. You are not owned by your government, no matter how much the government would like you to believe that. And you are the only person on this Planet who is responsible for your dog, so you make those decisions on behalf of your dog, nobody else!

Those licensing demands that you must have your dog licensed, is nothing but a tax requirement. Yes, the government has certain rights to tax its citizens. But it has no rights whatsoever to demand that they take any action that could be risky or dangerous for them to take. The only possible exception would be national defense – but that is not what we are talking about here! Governments that do this anyway are Fascist!

And there are many of them in North America and Europe… States, provinces, municipalities, counties, even National governments! You can hardly point to any country that has not made such Fascist laws – and still does!

The most prominent example is the CODEX regulation in Europe. It covers everything that is legal to sell in Europe as “food supplement”. Anything that is not on that list is ILLEGAL to buy, to sell, and to use! The European regulatory body in charge of this has done it WELL KNOWING that it will destroy people’s health. That’s exactly THE PURPOSE with that legislation! Example: essential minerals like Boron and Vanadium are NOT ON THE LIST! ALL other minerals and vitamins are ONLY PERMITTED IN DOSES THAT HAVE NO EFFECT. (Check for yourself:

Dr. Rima Laibow, Director of the Natural Health Solutions Foundation ( in the USA recently had a talk with his nutritional colleague, the CODEX Nutrition Chief, Dr. Rolf Grossklaus. Grossklaus had some personal health problems, and he admitted that he was illegally importing and taking Boron and Vanadium supplements in order to get better sooner! But he is head of the committee that makes those natural minerals illegal for all ordinary citizens in Europe! Yet he had no qualms about breaking his own law when his own health was at stake….

I recently tried to send my mother in Denmark some chicken cartilage, because I KNOW it will help her with her arthritis pain – but it got confiscated as ILLEGAL TO IMPORT TO EUROPE! Same thing has happened with other medicine I know helps her. Here in Canada, I can get it without prescription – in Europe it is ILLEGAL and gets confiscated by customs when I try to send her some. Even her doctor cannot get it for her, and she (the doctor) has asked me to bring it to Denmark when I can…. But I risk being thrown into jail as a drug smuggler if I do…

So, would you do what you physically could in order to reduce your mother’s suffering from arthritis, when the law explicitly makes you a criminal if you do?

You don’t have to publish your answer. But I hope your mother too is worth it…. Or anyone else you love or care about, for that matter…

I hope this gives you a better perspective for deciding whether or not you will remain a law-obeying citizen and destroy your dog’s health on demand, just because “it is the law”…

Protecting yourself

If/when you decide that you want out of this madness, please do not be stupid about it. Government is powerful, and you want to make sure that the possible consequences of your actions are manageable.

For start, I would strongly suggest you discuss with a lawyer what the exact consequences possibly are – and what your options for action are in the worst case scenario of “getting caught”. If you live in North America, you should get yourself a Pre-Paid Legal membership, so you can discuss things like this with your lawyer, whenever you need it. You can get more information about this at

But you also have some serious (and much better) options in working with your vet

Of course, you need to find a vet you can trust. It might take you “out of town”, but seriously: I am used to driving at least 200 km to see my vet, so don’t come to me with your whining about distance… If your dog is important to you, you will do it. And if you won’t, then your dog is not that important.

With your vet’s cooperation, you have at least three very possible options:

  1. Do a titer test instead, so you can check if vaccination is even warranted. If the titer test shows that the dog already has full immunity against the disease, then it is not only completely redundant to re-vaccinate, but it is even outright harmful. In this situation, you should be able to obtain your vet’s cooperation without any problems. Get a certificate stating that this dog has been tested and has been found to possess adequate immunity. Let the vet sign that and pay for it. Send a copy along to your paper-demanding authorities as if it were a vaccination certificate. I know many cases, where this works. And if it doesn’t, then your next step is your lawyer.
  2. If your dog in any way suffers from allergies, neurological disorders, heart problems, organ problems, or any problems related to the immune system, then it should NOT be vaccinated! Any diligent vet should know that and respect that – and if he/she would just read the label on that vaccine bottle (or the product safety sheet in the package the bottle came in), there should be no doubt left, as this is what the vaccine manufacturers all recommend! They specifically write on the labels that vaccination must ONLY be administered to perfectly healthy animals, and that there are special well-documented and life-threatening risks associated with doing it anyway on animals that suffer from any of the problems I just mentioned.

So, if you can get your vet to testify to this, then he/she can also write a letter to the effect of not recommending vaccination, for genuine medical reasons! That one too is hard for your authorities to argue against, as you have evidence here that their demands will cause harm to your dog. Government authorities generally shy away from scandals involving themselves as being responsible for damage as if it were the plague. And they should.

Options A and B are completely legitimate – if they cause your vet to have any qualms, then you have the wrong vet.

So, as you see, you are not necessarily stuck, just because you live in an area where illegal laws and illegitimate regulations are part of what you have to put up with.

I hope you make your decision carefully – and that you are willing to do what you have to do to protect your dog from this madness, whatever that might be. * Mogens Eliasen

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