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Dog Food

Why no Purina? Because ALL the Purina foods are made out of junk foods
–with the primary animal protein being “poultry by-product meal” which,
according to the AAFCO dictionary of terms means “heads, feet and
intestines, including some manure.” Not muscle tissue..not organ
meat….poultry (not saying which kind of poultry either) of very low
protein value.

Even if the food says “chicken” first, it really isn’t. When it says
“chicken” and not “chicken meal” it means chicken before it is dried. “Meal”
means dried, and in a dried food like dog kibble, it is the dried weight of
the food that counts.

So, if your food bag ingredients says, “Chicken, corn, poultry by-product
meal, brewers rice, lamb, barley,” etc., just put the corn first, the
by-product second, and the rice and barley next…and THEN the chicken and
the lamb. Which means LOTS of corn and junk proteins, and then lots of
grains, then a very, very little meat.

Oh, and last time I checked, “corn” meant the entire cob. So, you’re
feeding corn cobs to your dogs when it says “corn.” This ingredient is a
cause of many, many skin issues in dogs. Get rid of the corn and you often
get rid of the skin issue.

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