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Electrolytes for dogs

Rebound is an electrolyte for dogs (chicken flavor I think) like pedialyte for kids only dogs like it 🙂 The calcium is absorbed into the bloodstream without having to get to the stomach or intestines. You can use calsorb (very nasty taste that gets vomited up often) or Oral Cal Plus that is much tastier. It can helpstrengthen contractions, settle a restless new mom if her calcium is a bit low and it can be a lifesaver, buying time to get to the vet in case of eclampsia.


Endosorb Anti-Diarrhea Medications are formulated for fast, effective, safe relief of Diarrhea in your Dog. Activated Attapulgite is a specially treated mineral clay that adsorbs intestinal toxins related to
diarrhea – adsorbent action helps to relieve the irritation, discomfort, and cramping associated with diarrhea. Liquid is sweetened for easier, convenient dosing.

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