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Ellen DeGeneres Comic Book to Raise Money for Animal Rights Lobby

According to HSUS, 30 percent of the proceeds earned by the sale of a new comic book covering DeGeneres’ life will go straight to its coffers.

The comic is being published by Bluewater Publications, a Vancouver, Washington based company that specializes in comic books, graphic novels and Multimedia.  The DeGeneres comic is part of a series it has put out called “Female Force” focusing on women that are involved in politics such as Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Learning about this effort, the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) immediately contacted the president of Bluewater, Darren G. Davis.  In a letter to Davis, the USSA made clear that HSUS

does not operate the many animal shelters throughout the country.  Rather, HSUS is a large-scale, Washington D.C. based lobbying organization” and that “Ninety five percent of the HSUS’ funding is spent on conducting campaigns to outlaw animal use, including traditional wildlife conservation practices such as hunting.”

Bluewater responded with an e-mail stating, “While we respect your right to disagree with the goals of The Humane Society of the United States, we do not share your concerns about the organization.”

The story has already made the rounds on E-Online website.

“Bluewater’s president has fallen into the same trap as many others regarding the real mission of HSUS,” said Bud Pidgeon, USSA president and CEO.  “Conservationists and others around the country understand HSUS does not help wildlife, but they actually hurt the movement by drying up sources of wildlife funding.  Animal lovers are also slowly recognizing that the real work of helping cats and dogs is accomplished by local animal shelters, the vast majority of which are not affiliated with HSUS.”

According to the head of the HSUS’ lobbying wing, the Humane Society Legislative Fund’s Mark Markarian, DeGeneres has been a major supporter of the group’s efforts.  She played a large role during the 2008 campaign for California’s Proposition 2 which outlawed many traditional forms of farming in the state. DeGeneres covered the campaign on her talk show and made television ads supporting it.  Farmers in that state are still struggling with how they will survive that misguided effort.

DeGeneres and her partner, actress Portia DiRossi also received HSUS’ 2009 “Wyler Award” given to the public person that did the most to advance its agenda.

Beyond just HSUS, DeGeneres earned herself the dubious distinction of being PETA’s “Woman of the Year” in 2009 as well.

“It’s not surprising that Ms. DeGeneres helped HSUS pass a damaging law in California that harms farmers and is now raising money for them to continue efforts targeting sportsmen,” said Pidgeon. “We hope in the future companies like Bluewater will see through the HSUS propaganda before becoming a party to advancing it.”

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