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Fading Puppy Formula

Richard Croft the originator of the Fading Puppies Remedy developed the product over many years, based on observation and trying over 800 combinations. It has been used for over 30 years in Europe and has treated tens of thousands of puppies and kittens successfully. Puppies that fade can do so for a variety of reasons. This could be why some fade out in the first few hours and some may go at two weeks. The Fading Puppy Remedy takes into account the majority of reasons why pups fade, giving it a very High success rate.


Puppies from birth: As a preventative 2 drops twice daily if they look normal for two to three weeks. If there is any deterioration in the puppies use a higher dosage- – 4 drops half hourly or hourly for about eight to twelve hours in every 24 hours. The dosage relies very much on how the puppies are responding, so give more or less as you think best. All litters of puppies are not the same so you may see some variations in the response to the remedy. One sign is a tendency to ” puff and blow” a little. In this case cut the dosage in half. NOTE: For premature toy puppies that weigh under 3 ounces dilute the remedy one drop to three drops of pure water. Then give a single drop per dose.

Puppies that are being bottle fed or supplemented:
Give Fading Puppy Remedy, as it will help the digestive system. Give it after dewclaw removal and tail docking to allay trauma.
The Fading remedy will improve the milk of the bitch and the dosage of half a teaspoon can be given once or twice a day, regardless of the size of the bitch. Homeopathy is not dosed by weight. The Remedy can be given to the bitch during whelping for cases of exhaustion. To help prevent Fading Puppy Syndrome, it is recommended to give the remedy from the time of mating at half a teaspoon daily. This is particularly good for bitches with a history of losses. There are advantages though, even if the bitch has had no history. The puppies are more robust and even in size.

The remedy should not be given on food, as this stops it from having a good effect. The remedy is in a sucrose solution, so it is highly palatable. If there is any difficulty in administration, it can be put in a saucer with one or two teaspoons of milk or honey. Or use a syringe. The first few hours are critical in keeping puppies going. Heat is very important.
Remedies should be stored in a cool, dry place away from light. It can safely be refrigerated in hot climates. Keep away from pungent odours and electronic appliances … i.e. microwave; computer, etc.

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