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Great Article On Vaccines

The limit is exceeded with toxins from the vaccines, overuse of antibiotics, poor quality foods, and exposure to environmental toxins prevent the animal’s immune system from being naturally challenged and strengthened. This is the main reason we see a dramatic increase in allergies, organ failures, behavioral problems in our pets. “Vaccinosis” is the reaction from common vaccines against the immune system and general well being.

Never give a stressed or sick dog a vaccination. If your dog is suffering from allergies or fleas, or has skin problems, she is not in optimum health. Stress is also a factor to consider. If she has gone through an emotional trauma, for instance, a change of homes, new member in the family, give her a while to get adjusted to the new routine before getting vaccinations. Vaccine manufacturers recommend that only healthy dogs be vaccinated. How do you know whether or not his immune system is fully competent? How many owners know the genetic background of their pet? Do they know if their dog has relatives with epilepsy, thyroid disease etc? Keep in mind that taking a young puppy to the vet for shots could weaken its immune system for life, because his system was not fully developed, and he will no doubt be emotionally stressed, due to being recently weaned, and taken away from mother and litter mates, placed with a stranger, into an unfamiliar environment. The last thing this poor pup needs added to all of those stressors is a “cocktail” vaccine.

High levels of stress can trigger autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, haemolytic lupus, and various skin diseases. In autoimmune diseases the immune system becomes confused and attacks the body.

In high stress situations the “fight or flight” instinct kicks in and shuts off the immune system. Imagine if she has just been stressed out of her mind with the car ride, her immune system is now shut down, she gets her “cocktail” vaccine of DHLPP and possibly even her rabies booster, gets back into the car, gets home, rolls on the grass treated with herbicides, pesticides, takes a drink of her water containing chlorides and fluorides, grabs a mouthful of cheap, over-processed, commercial, dog food full of preservatives, BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, dyes, by-products, including beaks and feathers, meat meal, possibly even containing road kill!

This type of stress is common in today’s dog and in most cases the stage has been set for kidney, liver, heart disease, as well as arthritis and cancer.

In light of this new information I would suggest you educate yourself before you vaccinate…in any case it is the rabies vaccine that is not easily avoided especially if you cross the border. However, once again Homeopathy comes to the rescue. There are drainages available for vaccines, they help to balance the shock and potential damaging effects of the shots. Often I export show and breeding stock overseas and unfortunately the rabies vaccines is required. I give a homeopathic remedy before and after the vaccination. There are several excellent remedies which are wonderful for cleansing the effects of chemical drugs. * Joyce Redden

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