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Health Problems Due To Overfeeding

Over-feeding causing Hip Dysplasia

1- Keep your dog thin – when I say thin I mean you need to see a definition between the ribs and loins of your dog. I cannot stress this enough. The more weight a dog carries the more pressure on the hips. This is extremely important when the dog is growing (between 8 weeks and 18 months). Overfeeding contributes to growth spurts.

2- Do not over exercise your young dog. DO NOT TAKE A PUPPY JOGGING !!! Not until its older than one year of age. Over exercise is the fastest way to destroy hips.

3- Feed a quality all-natural diet. If you don’t want to feed a raw diet at least feed it an all-natural commercial diet. We have fed this for years and feel that it’s the best we can find.

4- If you have a question about subluxation in a young dog – SWIM the dog!! Take the dog swimming every day for 3 or 4 months before you have x-rays taken. Swimming is the best exercise you can do for a dog. It is way better than jogging the dog. When you stop and think that subluxation means the head of the femur is loose in the socket – does it not make sense to exercise the dog so the muscles and ligaments tighten up the dog as much as possible.

5Growing dogs, usually in their first year, often limp and have what vets coin as ‘growing pains’. We believe that these pains are in the muscles and are caused by faulty nutrition (unless of course the limp is due to an injury or sore foot- pads). Giving them bone shavings,  liver, vitamine C, vitamine E and micro-organisms to improve intestinal flora (such as  live cultures or raw dirty tripe), in addition to their basic diet, rectifies these pains within about 3 weeks.

How Obesity Harms Your Dog

  • Arthritis, cruciate ligament injuries, spinal disc problems, and hip dysplasia can all be caused by or aggravated by extra stress on the skeletal structure.
  • Heart failure can be the result of fat cells clogging arteries and impairing blood and oxygen flow.
  • Diabetes can be the result of elevated blood glucose levels due to obesity, and can lead to kidney failure and blindness.
  • Liver disease occurs when fat cells clog the liver so that it cannot efficiently remove toxins from the blood.
  • Pancreatitis, a life threatening illness, is associated with obesity and a high fat diet.
  • Some cancers are linked to obesity.
  • Respiratory difficulties due to excess fat around the muscles of the heart rob the body of adequate oxygen.
  • Greater surgical risks plague obese dogs.
  • Heat stroke is more prevalent in obese dogs due to insulative fat and breathing difficulties.

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