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How Do I Get My Puppy Used to Its New Home?

My personal puppy schedule: When they hear me wake up they jump up and start making a racket saying “Come see me!”. I go sit with my puppies and let them jump all over me giving me kisses and I give them lot’s of hugs and kisses in return. Then I walk them outside and make sure they don’t have to go potty, even though they have had access to a doggy door all night long. They then follow at my heels back into the house and to romp and play for a couple of hours. After a bit they go back in their Xpen at which time they get breakfast and have a nap including plenty of time after breakfast to go potty. When they wake up I walk them all outside and spend time playing with them and poop scooping, again giving them plenty of time to go potty before we head inside. When they have had a few hours of play and I see them winding down I put them back in their Xpen and feed them their lunch. Again this includes a nap time and plenty of time to go potty. In the evenings they get to watch T.V. with us. If they jump down from the couch, I know the pup has to go potty and I take them all out. When they are running around the house we take frequent trips outside to go potty. By this age you can just tell them to “Go Potty” and they will quickly do it, especially if it is cold. Tell them “Good boy/girl!” in your most excited voice and when they run back to you for your praise and jump into your arms have a yummy treat ready. It always makes the transition a little easier to know what your breeder has been doing and the schedule your puppy is used to.

Do not worry if the puppy seems anxious for a few days in her/his new home. Observe that it is eating and drinking normally. It will probably whimper and wine the first few nights. Keep the puppy isolated from small children or other pets in the household for the first week or two. Be patient. Remember a puppy’s attention span is quite short. Also realize that puppies do not gain full control of their bowels and urination until they are 16-20 weeks of age. So don’t criticize it for accidents.

I usually suggest the puppy continue on the same diet the breeder was feeding unless it was a low quality diet. Price generally determines diet quality. If I do change diets, I do so gradually. Puppies need lots of sleep. They do well when air temperature is between 65-78 degrees F. Each puppy is an individual. Take your puppy for short car rides and let it observe the scenery. This also prevents a dog from being car sick when older. Don’t worry about its short attention span – its normal. If the puppy falls asleep in the middle of an activity that is normal also. Don’t become upset at broken heirlooms or unwanted presents on the carpet. The fault was yours in not removing breakable items or getting the pup out the door fast enough. Remember that bowel control often doesn’t occur fully in young puppies. Pet and touch your pup a lot during this period an do not scold it for errors. Instead, praise it when it does well, stroke it and give it its favorite doggy treat. Puppies tend to dream and twitch in their sleep. This is normal. They also get hiccups quite frequently.

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