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How I Potty Train My Puppies

This is how I potty train my pups by 8 weeks. I am anxious to hear other dog owners methods and ideas so be sure to post them.

I have a great holder for my potty pads to keep pups from tearing it up or it sliding around and becoming useless. The minute they can climb out of the pool which is pretty much when their eyes open I remove the pool. I lay a blanket at one end of the box and place the 23 x 36 piddle pad holder a few inches away from the blanket. Puppies will only walk a few steps before going potty so it needs to be as close as possible. You will need to have quite a few blankets as they need to be kept clean since puppies will go where it already smells like potty. As soon as I think they can climb through the doggy door I move them to that area.

They were introduced to the doggy door day before yesterday and haven’t bothered to use the potty pad at all today. Shows how quickly they learn and how easy it is to potty train them when you raise them with separate areas for sleep and for potty. I only had to push a couple of puppies through the doggy door and they were all using it within minutes. :clap:

I will keep the potty pad for a little longer since they don’t like to go outside during the night/cold yet. I will then remove it completely and just have the doggy bed inside the doggy door. They will also have free run of the whole whelping room so they can learn to run outside to go potty and I can catch them if they start to go inside and rush them outside. I’ve found by 6 or 7 weeks at the latest they are done having accidents inside and have access to run around my house as well, since they come in to play and snuggle with us while we watch T.V. in the evenings. :electrocute:

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