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How Often Should You Breed Your Bitch?

It’s interesting to hear many other people’s opinion on how often to breed a bitch. The general consensus now is that a bitch should be bred back to back (from one heat to the next) and then skip a heat, be bred again back to back. The bitch should never be bred on her first heat, and I’ve found it safer to start on the 3rd heat. The bitch is much better prepared mentally and physically to care for her pups.

Many repo vets are finding that the uterus is more healthy when it is pregnant. Keeping a uterus unused risks pyometra. The safest thing to do is of course spay!!!!!! And even though the uterus is healthy when pregnant, that certainly doesn’t mean she should spend her life a brood bitch.

There is also the common opinion to wait until the bitch is 3 years old to be bred. While they are mentally mature, this is often too late. The bitch has lost some of her normal elasticity after 3 years old.

It is also a common practice to breed every other heat. Either practice is fine in my opinion, but it’s best to just keep an eye on your bitch and do what’s best for her. Some dogs bounce back faster from having puppies especially when they are younger. I always recommend Dog breeding for dummies as a good book to have as a reference when just starting out as a breeder and they explain everything in simple easy to understand terms……Good Luck!

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